Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pokey's Price

"Pokey's Price"

Writer/Director-ART CLOKEY


Not sure of Music cues, but they're the newly intro'd now familiarly used later sixties episodes ones, originally used on Sam Singer shorts.

PLOT: In 1621, some pilgrims try to reaosn with Indians-I mean, NATIVE AMERICANS-ahem. These Pilfgrims: A father, his son, - oh yeah---and Gumby and Pokey,too.

Another episode another Thanksgiving story. Here, our heroes eat in the store, now chase after a "thief" who turns out to be (again) a Pilgrim - a young boy, who's now in an appropriately themed history book explaining his Thanksgiving-to-be-tale of woe, with Pokey supposedly in quick sand which iks actually sand over treasure--of Corn, with Pokey drinking some water only to run afoul of big heap Indians.."somehow I feel were are surround: olbserves."Indians NO take our food

Gumby agrees to trade to the Indians, who've stolen their corn, for the corn, at least for a while..with the Indians feeding Pokey some corn.

POKEY!!! Wait!!! Gumby agrees on our sentiments. and PAY for it? The obvious tlak with the Pilgrims begins.

Pokey, after being giving corn by the Indians, makes like in the series earlier Gopher Trouble,1956" and Prehistoric Elmer Fudd in "Prehysterical Hare", 1958, turning trippy colors, with a Rube Goldberg melange of Clokey and Hanna-Barbera sound effects.making the laugh out loud politically incorrect joke of the episode..."UGH! Now I now why the Indians SAY that"[already becoming un-PC pretty soon].then after Pokey's replaced in trade by knives & beads the Paleface and Indians feast begins, with Gumby and Pokey sharing in. Another zinger from Pokey: poor Indians could have had more from having Pokey. But despite their longtime friendship,after Gumby laughs at Pokey joking about the Indians cheated out of their equine prize that way, Pokey hates being called "cheap".

The cue used when Pokey's turned into different colors by bad tasting corn, is used in countless later shorts and in at least one Sam Singer "Sinbad","Wind Genii", from 1964, on Hi-Tops..

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