Wednesday, May 30, 2012

RIP, Dick Beals, the boyish guy with an odd irony or two

During the old raido/cartoons days, many young naturally sounding young kid voices were heard - then there were those that sounded like REAL kids, but weren't One of those was Walter Tetle,y who died in 1975, and who was NOT on GUmby.. The other was Richard aka Dick Beals, who just left us, and who WAS on Gumby, the other Art Clokey production Davey and Goliath, too, as Goliath, but ONE voice he NEVER did was Gumby himself. Any "Dick Beals"-ish voices coming from my little green owner would be in later years came from Norma McMillan, who'd passed in 2001.

Here's the news... For a fellow who ironically never voiced my "Clay Dough:" green owner, Mr.Beals WAS on some episode as little kids---most notably as that "Get off my planet" kid in 1962's "Small Planets", which had a bit of the same canned music from Capitol's "D" Dramatic series as later used so famously in "Night of the Living Dead". And as Davey---or should I say, a la GOliath [Hal Smith], "Da-oi-vey..".. And elsewhere..Mr.Spacely's [Mel Blanc's] spoilt kid Arthur on the "Jetsons" [both 1962 and 1985-88 verisons], WB's Ralph Phillips character in 1954's "From A to ZZZ" [to teacher Mareion Richman]..Ken Snyder/Pantomime Pictures's 1963 "Funny Co.", AND m ost famously, TV commercials/Miles Labatroies/Alka Selter's "Pliop! Plop! Fixz FIzz, Oh what a relifer it is" crooning.. "Speedy Alka Seltzer".

Like everybody else in cartoons, [marvin Miller, Billy DeWolfe, Janet Wlaod, June Foray, Mel Blanc, Frank Nelson,Saws Butler, and his rival Walter Tetlley] he'd started or at least had a huge backgorund in radio. Charles Hillinger, freelance wqriter, in L.A..Times, note din 1992 that the orig8inal radio version of Jack Webb's [1920-1982] landmark hit "Dragnet" was a role for Dick B., and his birthdate was 3/16/27 in Detroit. [3#/16/57 was the time that Gumby appeared..yet he was ironically NEVER Gumby.:) Art Clokey and then Dal McKennon played me.]

He'd comment that it was quite lucky that a young looking, and young sounding guy like him camw along, quite an advantage.."an adult with a child's voice.....and NO welfae workers, either"[to Charles Hillinger in article above.]

He was also in "Frankenstein Jr.", a 1967 H-B show with Ted Cassidy [d.1978, "The Addams Fmaily] as Frankenstein, paired with "The Impossibles"[Hal Smith, Marvin Miller & Pau Frees].

He'd been a cheerleader, announcer, and others in sports games,too.

And NO, her probaly was not related to a certai "Flashdancer"  named Jennifer. Or to fellow character actor John Beal.