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Produced by
Writtern & Directed by
Pokey/Prickle/ART CLOKEY
Moon Boggles/Dr./UNKNOWN

Synopsis: Our evil doc Z. has his eye out for jewels and then mistakes Goo's "ice" from the
Moon Boggles (whom we last saw in their own guest starring short) and then, amusedly rec-
ognizing this error, Gumby decides to take advantage of it by LETTING the madman find the
hard way.
Apparently a cross over after "Moon Boggles","Prickle's Problem" &  "Piano Rolling Blues" was ordered by TV, maybe even a network hoping
for Sat.Am.TV shows in 1967. It figures. H-B's "Wacky Races" spun off "Dastardly and Muttley" and "Penelope Pitstop", so maybe this
short was an experiemnt for the Dr. and the "Moon Boggles" together or by themselves, just as "Santa Witch","Goo for Pokey","Puppy Dog
School" and "The Reluctant Gargoyles" might have been Pokey spinoffs.
Our story  opens with a telescopic "iris" of a zoo with Goo and the Moon Boggles, crowning (or "tiara-ing" her?) princess and us seeing the owner
of the telescopic Dr.Zveege (probaly his last appearance) and mistaking the ice for jewels. He then sends his moving cage (from "Prickle's Problem")
out for Goo but then she escapes and reports it to Gumby who then knows the mistake and then decides well, if Doctor Zveegee WANTS this, he'll
GET it, since he doesn't even know what he is in  STORE for. He soon finds out once his cage drops the ICE in and he finds out, crouches over and FALLS
in the machine. We then see a hapless Dr.Zveegee being carried over to our heroes (and that includes the Moon Boggles in their last appearance) for a closing.
"Bah", again, is all that he can say.


Written & Directed by
Produced & Created by
Pokey/Prickle/Narrator(?)ART CLOKEY
Synopsis:Danger! Mad man on the loose to catch a dinosaur moving a "Beatle's" piano.
"When we last saw out friend Pickle, he was pursued by Dr.Zveege, the mad doctor who wanted him only for his
own sinister purposes" intones our narrator and that's what's happening, our evil scientist from "Prickle's Problem"
and "Hot Ice" with the Bela Dracula voice who wants Prickle.
Gumby, Pokey and Prickle are moving a Paul McCartney-looking pianist (named, coincidentally Paul!)'s piano.

He employs his cage but it misses and is gone for the rest of the short.

Pokey (who contrary to what Gumby told his drag queen auntie in "Gabby Auntie" that year CAN drive) then drives off with the piano
but the rope attatched to such breaks a few times, and now the wacked doctor climbs on top the next time the lanyard breaks,
and he crashes into the traffic just as it's discovered that he's up to his old tricks. "Bah" (as the scientist is fond of saying).
The same generally not quite identifiable music cues with an extra - Norma MacMillan as Gumby WHISTLING his "Sinbad Jr."(Singer)-derived
theme---not much of this happens (though of course, Bugs Bunny and Pink Panther cartoons have the theme heard a lot, and
Dawn Wells(?)  and Tina Louise on a final season "Gilligan's Island", "High Man on the Totem Pole"
do whistle the Gilligan theme-regarding the question mark, Dawn Wells never could really sing---how many times can you hear the Flintstones
or the I Love Lucy characters singing their theme?? There's even an eerie piano take on the Gumby theme, or leitmotif at the beginning under the
main title!) on tv or in cartoons generally.. 
A lot of silence, aptly, is heard to make it spooky as Dr.Z goes to work and the characters keep hearing strange noises.
Paul is based on the Beatle look, just right for the times, the 1960s, but it's the Sgt.Pepper era and he's sporting Rubber Soul, and even specifically resembling Paul THE BEATLE.
No English accent though.

From now on, all remaining episodes unless noted are from '67.


Written and Directed by
Gumby/Goo/Mother/BabyNORMA Mac MILLAN
Prickle/Pokey/Announcer/Dr.Zveegee(?)/ART CLOKEY
Synopsis:The debut of our evil anti-hero, Dr.Zveegee as he tries to catch Prickle who has just rescued a baby from some fate.

You'd think that by now, with him being seen, that our whiny (but sincerely nice) dinosaur friend Prickle would be famous and happy, but, no,
he still wants recognition. Prickle doesn't get the idea to try to get over himself, but then sees and takes a chance saving a baby boy which lands
him in the paper.
It also brings a new character, the Bela Lugosi (1880-1956)-accented Dracula sounding bald head glasses wearing mad sci-
entist, Doctor Zveegee.
He stands about 6 feet high, likes saying "Bah" when bested and generally spends this episode and the next, "Piano Rolling Blues" being all like, so obsessed with Prickle, then another,
a crossover with another previously seen group of guest characters The (unnamed) seals called The Moon Boggles from their own title episode with Gumby, Pokey, and in his last appearance
,the unnamed zoo curator/keeper seen since the 1957 episode "The Zoops".
Here, just BEING a dinoasaur makes Prickle an object of desire for our evil doctor, who sends his trademark cage (Pat.Pend.) with mechanical claws that automaticcaly moves out to
GRAB Prickle with remote control operator by Dr.Z. It almost grabs the dinosaur who then runs and reports back to his friends, but the Pokey goes out, almost as if to act out as a
decoy for the machine, who grabs the PONY, who the other three now mourn only for the moving cage to grab its despicable owner INSTEAD!
Dr.Zveegee then goes off to places unknown for now..
A held picture of Prickle being famous (within the story structure of the episode, anyhow) is utilized for the offscreen announcer's voice
noting Prickle's new fame.

Good Knight Story (1966)

Produced, Written & Directed by
Theme and codirection by
Production Supervisor, Codirection and Photography by
Pokey,Prickle;Others/DAL Mc KENNON (?)
Broadcast 1966-1967 season in syndication (U.S.)
Synopsis:Curious Goo follows the guys into a knight book.

Gumby went through many books, and here he, Pokey, and Prickle go into a book then Goo goes in. Prickle's always
had a case of profound discrimination-a dino who is constantly mistaken for a dragon (see "Dragon Daffy",1967-68),
which happens here. But Prickle's sneezing, with a trick taken from Bugs Bunny's sole Oscar Winner (ya know, "that
Oscar Winning Wabbit" on the multi network Bugs Bunny show as annoucned by announcer Dick Tufeld?) cartoon,
Friz Freleng's classic "Knighty Knight Bugs", a fire sneezing dragon. But wait------Prickle is a dinosaur! Anyway, he
sneezes in such a way that which causes the yellow dinosaur to slide into a medieval book causing me, aka your fearless
blogger Pokey and Gumby to catch him first, then Goo sneaking in, all of "us" wearing the proper attire.
A group ofpeople form the nearby king's castle (it is in a MIDDLE AGES book!) capture Prickle, mistaking him for a dragon while
a REAL one catches Goo, who then spits a clay call into the REAL dragon's mouth.

We then get a inside view of the castlewith Gumby and Pokey trying to clear Prickle's dinosaur identitry (again recalling "Dragon Daffy") with a stark group of
castle interioirs designsed by the Clokey set building staff and skechers. Goo just then comes in, followed by the REAL dragon who the
King promises can be a barbecue, so what about Prickle? Oh, he just sneezes and wheezes his firey way...around the castle.
Music includes the usual Gumby cues..

The Golden Iguana (1966)

Produced Written & Directed by
Prickle/Prof.Kapp/ART CLOKEY?
Music not exactly confirmed but includes the cues that
originated in Sam Singer shows (like "Sinbad") by Lackey-Gunther.

Synopsis:Prickle's got a new present, the Golden Iguana, but the Blockheads want to catch it, but
some problems are..uh..growing with it.

Iguanas dont' seem to make many appearances in many TV show episodes, [though they tend to have roles in many
horrific B movies whose music found its way into our green guy's franchise] but here they do, as another, prehistoric reptile's  pet--a dinosaur
[just TRYING to imagine Barney the dinosaur singing "I love love me" it without it going sick] [with appropriate, sadly un-I'd
Spanish background music playing as Prickle reads the note about it].

As Gumby, Pokey, Prickle, and Goo go to Prof.Kapp to consult on a per-
fect iguana diet, we look through the windows ans to familiar, devious heads--the Blockheads---peek in..After Kapp gives some food to the iguana
it starts to grow----with some very respectable and exemplary stop-motion clay animation as they go in Gumby's dune buggy/Jeep throughout the
country as they notice and try escaping the blockheads.

They find a place to hide behind a rock where the Blockheads can't see them or the iguana, now
growing more and more. But there IS an advantage, especially as the Blockheads are stone-blind
to what's going on with our six heroes (iguana included) .
Finally the Blockheads see their opportunity and kidnap the lizard but then it grows so big and so much that it scares off the Blockheads!
But now what? Well, it's reasoned, they can wait or one of them can take the Iguana food themselves and grow up as well, and that's it.
Some good close ups of Prickle's new pet iguana appear, along with Spanish-tinged guitar solos, that most likely came from Ole Georg's (John Seely's
successor in 1964) library.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Two News ItemsKABILLION CHANELL..which proudly has restored ALL my owner Gumby's shorts...!And good-bye, Nancy Wible,d.2015

On YouTube, all the original 1956-68 Gumby's, with the original cue soundtracks and stuff, even the rarest of all, "Foxy Box" ('67), have been legally and very lovingly restored by the (I think) relatively new Kabillion! channel!
Here is their URL;

Also, one of Gumby's voices, radio/ventriloquist/record/cartoon voice Nancy Wible, has died. She played Gumby for a while in the fifties,a s well for other cartoon studios,including United Productions of America (Magoo, Gerald McBoing Boing, Gay Purr-ee, Christopher Crumpet, etc.), Hanna-Barbera, MGM, and too many others.RIP..