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Pokey's Price

"Pokey's Price"

Writer/Director-ART CLOKEY


Not sure of Music cues, but they're the newly intro'd now familiarly used later sixties episodes ones, originally used on Sam Singer shorts.

PLOT: In 1621, some pilgrims try to reaosn with Indians-I mean, NATIVE AMERICANS-ahem. These Pilfgrims: A father, his son, - oh yeah---and Gumby and Pokey,too.

Another episode another Thanksgiving story. Here, our heroes eat in the store, now chase after a "thief" who turns out to be (again) a Pilgrim - a young boy, who's now in an appropriately themed history book explaining his Thanksgiving-to-be-tale of woe, with Pokey supposedly in quick sand which iks actually sand over treasure--of Corn, with Pokey drinking some water only to run afoul of big heap Indians.."somehow I feel were are surround: olbserves."Indians NO take our food

Gumby agrees to trade to the Indians, who've stolen their corn, for the corn, at least for a while..with the Indians feeding Pokey some corn.

POKEY!!! Wait!!! Gumby agrees on our sentiments. and PAY for it? The obvious tlak with the Pilgrims begins.

Pokey, after being giving corn by the Indians, makes like in the series earlier Gopher Trouble,1956" and Prehistoric Elmer Fudd in "Prehysterical Hare", 1958, turning trippy colors, with a Rube Goldberg melange of Clokey and Hanna-Barbera sound effects.making the laugh out loud politically incorrect joke of the episode..."UGH! Now I now why the Indians SAY that"[already becoming un-PC pretty soon].then after Pokey's replaced in trade by knives & beads the Paleface and Indians feast begins, with Gumby and Pokey sharing in. Another zinger from Pokey: poor Indians could have had more from having Pokey. But despite their longtime friendship,after Gumby laughs at Pokey joking about the Indians cheated out of their equine prize that way, Pokey hates being called "cheap".

The cue used when Pokey's turned into different colors by bad tasting corn, is used in countless later shorts and in at least one Sam Singer "Sinbad","Wind Genii", from 1964, on Hi-Tops..

Pilgrims on the Rocks

"Pilgrims on the Rocks"
November, 1966
[Credits actaully still exist here, as many veteran fans will recall]
Written & Directed by


Sound [Effects]

DAL McKENNON [misspelled as McKINNON] and some actress doing a Pilgrim girl

Throughout most scenes with G&P slide-whistle sub theme by J.HOLLIDAY and some unidentifal regular go-to cues.

PLOT:Gumby and Pokey help Pilgrims about to be shiwrecked in 1621 A.D.[This is one of the first of the third Gumby series with the bubble-gum-syunshine pop "Gumby's a part" that influenced the blog title.:) One of few with surviving credits. "Pokey's Price" is one of a few others.]

Happy Thanksgiving 2010 here, so here's a celebration---the early of the later 60s Gumby shorts, both celebrating Pilgrims.

Thanksgiving with Gumby and Pokey, finding Pilgrims, almost doesn't happen \due to a Mayflower's showers.

Happy Thanksgiving 2010 here, so here's a celebration---the early of the later 60s Gumby shorts, both celebrating Pilgrims.

With Thanksgiving here, here are two shorts shown back to back with G&P. For the first time, the remaining defining canned music, most apparently by Guenther E.Kauer and Doug Lackey [their cues from this time appear on Sinbad cartoons and ASCAP has these for here--these names certainly are not to be found on other shows using the more common Capitol/Hi-Q stock cues from the 1950s..], which would set the stage for the sound of the later more "pubescent" like Gumbys of the 60s, sometimes mentioned as the "Scrappy"/"Cousin Oliver" of the "Brady Bunch" shark jumping stage of Gumby [along with indivdual new regular charcters], luming these later 60s vintage titles, in with the truly dreadful 80s ones [which is unfair to these 60s ones.]. Hans COnzellman and Delle Haensch credited on ASCAP for doing some of these, and as I have noted before, a big handful of these turn up in Selected Sound Library, sold by APM like so many of the others these days, and on APM.COM or PLAY PRODUCTION MUSIC's audition site--see MORE than [number] FANFARES and SlAPSTICK SALAD, and sure enough severeal "Savriete" cues by CONZELMANN & HAENSCH turn up on Gumby, also Ren and Stimpy [the unofficial Production msuci files offered online have those but credited to Phil Green!]

Credits DO exist for these two early episodes in this latest revival of the clay-franchise, which, with their Thanksgiving themes, for that reason alone are posted here, and for two "patriotic" ones, for another times ["Gumby Crosses the Delaware" and "Son of Liberty"]. This is the only one with the credits on a set, where the others have them on a black background [I THINK all used to, but only those four and the ridiculous 1980s-90s revivals keep their end credits].

We start on a Pilgrim ship in a book in the toyshop. It's 1621 and in the toystore, while the ship in the book rocks and rolls, our friends are in the Gumby jeep preparing for the holidays, when they wind up chasing after groceries and, you guessed it---land in the book right nin the pilgrims. Now the dice, uh, tumbled in and of course, Gumby and Pokey's stuck in a ship that shakes, rattles, and rolls, as Gumby and Pokey get on a roll themselves, to try to help during the storm, with Pokey fussing as usual..

They use a ship rope, Gumby, and hammer and nails to repair a couple of ship girders. Finally, the storm passes. We now are in 1966 again, in the toystore. GUESS what Pokey learned. GUESS what the lesson learns. Ahhhhh... He's thankful on Thanksgiving NEVER to be a PILGRIM. AHHHHH..

The credits follow, masterfully and beautifully photographed [Ace codirector Ray Peck is the credited co-director and photography person.]

Dal Mc Kennon tries to do Gumby as a more normal teenage boy, whcih makes him sound like Fugmation's version of Archie. And why no? Same voice. But it's the same Gumby...this and the next three shorts in this early batch of later episodes with credits, and the "Missilebird", thus making it clearly the earliest and again with a 196c (c), a clear cut example of the first Gumby episode, and I'm referring to the later "Missiblebird", to have the famous theme that originated the blog title here. But that's a bit later. The highpitched fluty theme, borrowed from some library that Sam Singer had used staff sound and music editor Johnny Holiday score his shorts like Sinbad with, the eventual instrumental sub-theme that would burn itself in minds of veiwers itself, is perhaps first used in Gumby episodes here. Thankls to both Clokey and Peck for the unqiue photography on end credits.

BTW Have you heard the Doors big 1970 hit-Riders on the Storm, Pilgrims on the Storm? ...

The Witty Witch

Originall Broadcast 1962? Sponsored by LAKESIDE TOYS.

Gumby/Pokey/"Frank Fontaine" Spider Monster/DAL McKENNON

Opening "Gumby theme"/BILL LOOSE, JOHN SEELY

Title [no music, just sound FX of Witch's Cauldron bubbling]

[witch, helicopter, Gumby and Pokey suspended]/probaly JB or E, one fo the "Night of the Dead" tracks.
Witch Carrying Gumby & Pokey in helicopter/BILL LOOSE or JACK MEAKIN?
"Fontaine/Crazy Guggenheim" monster appearing as Pokey, stills suspended from Witch's chopper, looks" "Comedy Mysterioso" ZR-53/GEORGE HORMEL [used a lot on "Ruff and Reddy"]

Gumby and Pokey imprisoned "Comedy Time-Pass 5-JB-214"/BILL LOOSE [and Emil Cadkin?]
Gumby and Pokey now in theatre [see below]:"JB-216 Comedy Mechanical", also titled "Comedy Military"]/BILL LOOSE, EMIL CADKIN [and NELSON RIDDLE?]

No music for reat of this scene

Finale, Gumby & Pokey emerge from book:"The Jerk aka PG-285"/PHILLIP GREEN

Closing Music and title/SEELY-LOOSE

PLOT:It's Haloween and our friend the witch has a suprise for our friends.

Catching up in between Halloween and Thanksgiving, here are posts for Halloween and Thankgiving, so a Halloween treat tobe thankful for are these four entries in one night. Witches tend to be very surprsing, especially in this show, and this one's no exception: Playing in the standard-issue toy-store setting, Gumby and Pokey spy a Witch's chopper [ran by one with voiced by Disneyland Records narrator GINNY TYLER, also heard elsewhere, and in early Yogi Bear cartoons, supposedly, on Don M.Yowp's site as linked, and profiled in GREG EHRBARH and TIM HOLLIS"S excellent 2005 "Mouse Tracks: The Story of Disneyland Records", which I have, and seen on the [ONLY for me] "Mickey Mouse Club" [1955-1959/ABC-TV], hosting the 1960s reruns.] and carries G&P to a castle. There..they are met by a monster with a [then on Jackie Gleason's American Scene Magazine show.]], radio comic Frank "I'm in other actors's bodies Pete Puma and that giddy yukking lion in Huckleberry Hound shorts" Fontaine [1920=1978] type voice [by McKennon, though, who'd done this then for Walt Lantz's bulldog Champ in Doc Cat shorts to Paul Frees's Doc], who jails with the witch's help our heroes in Witch's Prison-well, what else to call it. A curtain event is to be called, as the "Crazy Guggenheim" type spider says, and our friends debate briefly and after the delightful surprise, they are free. [HUGE spoiler alert..] At the show, like any theatre!! the witch plays a piano and gets a "Victor Borge" bit--one thrown in her face. After this, Gumby asks a convulsively yukking Pokey why he's laughing.
Most music cues aren't entirely possible for me to trace, but it seems the one used before the Hormnel one is one that cult filmmaker George Romero used in "Night of the Living Dead". If so, that's a clue as to a cue from the Hi-Q D series [by that time, the entire librayr when the Dead movie came out was controlled, as it today without practically any of that earlier music for years, by Ole Georg].
This witch reppears in the next short nad in a Christmas short, and surprsingly Gumby never even catches on to her funniness..nor is in the Pokey one that will be touched on, perhaps, this Christmas, and the next one is first dealt with here, but not the FIRST made, of the Henry bear and Rodfy Bird shorts.UPDATE [5/13/11]:Incidentally, thanks to a couple of files from a totally confidential source, I found out what the prison cue, used in the open and later in "Magic Wand" is. Loose's "Comedy Timepass" JB-214, though the JB suggests Emil Cadkin input as well. On L-73/L-74, "Light Neutrals".

Dragon Witch

A GUMBY SPECIAL-Aired on the show but an attempted supporting segment, one of at least three.

First Aired:Circa 1962.

Henry the Bear/DAL McKENNON[?]
Rodgy the little clay bird/]JUNIUS MATTHEWS?
Dragon/Either FRANK NELSON or someone imitating him

All from SAM FOX and all suppsoedly composed by BOB MERSEY, all now aviable as retitled on CARLIN, re-credited to a DAVID MORSE

"Beatnik"/ROBERT MERSEY-the entire toyshop scene, including our heroes hearing the witch
"Flutesville"-Entering the forest"/ROBER MERSERY
"Jazz Dramatic"/ROBERT MERSEY"-hearing and saving dragon from witch
"Call Girl"/ROBERT MERSEY-Witch thanks Henry, causes Rodgy to faint, Henry and Rodgy have gently argumentive talk, and closing title

PLOT:Similair to "Scrooge Loose" Roy Rogers, Knights, and oh my! Not to mention a dragon eating the witch that owns him!

Briefly: Henry and Rogy in a fairy tale about a dragon..

Opens with Henry the Cowboy Bear, who also's a knight-a "little of both"-as he admits..to clay BFF Rodgy [BB=Best Friend Forever..LOL], and in-----yup, a toystore..;)----they hear that witch we know from "Witty Witch" and "Santa Witch", and go inside a book [sound familiar?:)], but Rodgy is a reluctant little nut, though he does have some more common sense..but Henry keeps saying, and showing when he spies a "Frank Nelson-WELLLL!!!" sounding smart alecky dragon [NO Chinese accent HERE, despite the proper national font for the title!!!!!] he does the hero vs villoian thing against the DRAGON, that "we animals must be kind to humans!"

Taking a rope [and from every earlier would be comedy hero, a leaf] the bear gets the reticent little boid to catch dragon, alleviating his anti-melting fears [sort of]. Rodger goes after the dragon,a nd decoys him just in time to be melted, as he'd feared, but onbly temporarily, while Henry's trick to land a freshy caught fish-I meant DRAGON, succeeds, as the bear shows the bird his loyalty by remolding him, only to see the WITCH. It's even more shocking. SHE'S LOOKING down, admiring Rodgy, thus proving Henry's belief in the witch. Of course Rodgy acts rudely, frightening, scared, and waxed petty about her. To a disappointed-in-his-pal bear:"That dragon---a LADY"?

This is not just the first time that I'm revweing one of these shorts, but one with the earky 60s "beat" jazz music mentioned above. Spiderman and Courageous Cat used a lot of this,too. A blog had a file site called Music fom Spiderman with these, which I recognized MUCH to my surprised. They're listed as played by Det Moor orchestra.This, "Who's What", and the Gumby short "Hot Rod Granny", all used these cues, they're from X and a confidentail source has noted that he's told of the GO lisating for them. Surprised given the Sam Fox/Synchro origin that these aren't SF but then they came from Boosey and Hawkes before, I hear from elsewhere.

The dialogue's excellent..between apparently Don Messick doing both roles, though it's still foggy as to the males here. The dragon's voice is definitely hilariy..a lot of direct decisions by Henry and Rodgy as to their opinions on dragon and witch adventures, and the dragon himself, why he is eating the withc who owns him...though the witch herelf doens't appear much. Title card is similair to "Whos' What"?

Who's What

"Who's What"-The first of the Henry and Rodgy supporting series

Unverified for now-see below

"(Unknown) Opening theme"/ROBERT MERSEY?
Contains entirely unverified cool jazz cues from Sam Fox, which is normally SF coded but is GO here, in the X series. See below..

Plot: The debut of two new stars, with one creating the other, one named Henry, with a hilarious creationist argument.

With sucesss bgets more ideas, and the second in this attempted new one has a timely theme, just after Halloween, and with the Holidays, you'll see special holiday ones..the second of Hallowween ones in the second of this [the pirate one that closed it, "Treasure for Henry", to follow later] and then the two pilgrim themed ones..

In the early sixties, after the MAJOR success of a certain clayboy and horse, Clokey must have gotten the idea to do an attempted supporting segment, and this with a Henry the Bear VERY unlike Chuck Jones's one, and a NYC sounding clay bird, Rodgy became the unlikely result..

It's the birth of the cool, as we're venturing into different canned music terrority here, and in the next two, the Pilgrim-themed ones..

The open titles of this and the others bill it as a Gumby Special,. with Gumby and Henry standing one one side, and morphing into the title, as the normal theme but Hanna-Barbera sound FX [used elsehwere in the series] play.

This would turn up on a lot of other shows. We start with the cool jazz, apparently by Robert Mersey, then the just departed of 2012)Andy William's top conductor about to help Andy turn "I Can't Get Used to Losing You" into a major easy listening early 1960s hit and Andy into one of the last stars who himself could eaisy fit into the Clokey domestic world,yes, two very  different music styles here.But going over stock cues and music in general---ins't that the norm??

PLOT:Weird animals, and a laid back college ursine hipster just trying to keep things under control. ESPECIALLY CLAY things which HE created-that'll show them! First in a brief series.

The story opens in that toystore setting, with sandbox dolls [ONE sounding like Frank Nelson--"We-l-l-l"-a voice imitated in another with the characters-see "Dragon Witch"] mocking our College type bruin for talking to clay, whcih our friend turns into his new clay friend, who talks and bitches about being stabbed, willy nilly as it is, in the chest-"I'll say much more unless you let your hand outta my LIVER". Henry does the usual "he's sick" shtick-talkin'clay. But he soon warms up to his new friend, who's now trying to find himself. When he does, "A boid", he not just crash lands but with Henry sculpting more, runs into into a "puddy tat"[Mel Blanc, or more so, WB, should SUE!!!!;0], then after the obvious chase scenes with Henry in the middle, he does more sclupting of a ferious feline critte.r.."A LION!!'', looking and sounding MUCH like something Shari Lewis would suddenly come up that frightens Lamp Chop!!! The three clay critters in their chase MELTS aways..LOL. Kinda like that Little Black Sambo story without the racism

The effects and story asre definitely unique...this is that old creator talking to creation thing going back to 1908 and a certain dino [Gertie].

Henry's voice would change serverl times, and it sounds like different actors as well as characters and music here, and in the Gumby short "Hot Rod Granny", but in "Treasure for Henry", maybe the last, the more familiar canned music which you'd or I would normally hear is used.