Wednesday, May 2, 2018


It grieves me to report that another member of the Gumby family, Art Clokey's son Joe, has passed away. I don't know of the causes, but apparent his widow Ruth who cowrote the recent GUMBY IMAGINED book, will take over the empire. Art himself died back in 2010 (1921-2010).

Saturday, March 3, 2018

New Book Out

In case you haven't heard, (Art's son) Joe Clokey (and sister/) Ruth(?) Rock Clokey have a new book out, supposed to be very in-depth, "Gumby Imagined". It's on Amazon, but I haven't gotten enough previews past the opening to see if it has my, and the others's adventures in=depth in the 50s and 60s (it has the IMHO rotten 1980s show on cover..).It'd be great to see the complete cast voices for the original two decades and (with ACCURATE AS POSSIBLE!) original broadcast dates, even stock music cues..

Monday, January 1, 2018

Motor Mania


NOTE: Not to be confused with the 1950 Walt Disney short with Goofy (goes with out saying though)



Reggie Van Snoot/?



Happy New year, and back to, finally, a new reivew (rhymes...) Once upon a time Disney-Lantz director Jack Kinney directed a very funny Goofy cartoon,
"Motor Mania". (1950)..17 years later, Art Clokey codirected a likewise titled Gumby short with some of humor but more a chase cartoon.

It shows Gumby
and a (later in the short) bitter pony pal Pokey,too.

Pokey is usually the cynical one, but he and Gumby have to use their ususal teamwork against a racer whom they're planning now to race against:
Reggie Van snoot, a teenage, rich, racer with the voice of the Soda Jerk from "Shady Lemonade" & "Dragon Daffy", as heard in "Shady Leminade"
(probaly most likely Clokey himself).

Midway thru the episode, Gumby's racer breaks down (flashbacks of "The Racing Game/Gumby Racer", 1957, anyone? :-)) and Gumby (get ready for another
flashback to that one) improvises..not merging with Pokey but USING him with hm on wheels and Gumby on top.

A 1967 Clokey racer car.

With one horse power.

4-speed manual

Gets much to the clay gallon

Now able to resume racing, Gumby and Pokey go fast aorund the track, catching up to and surpassing Reggie Van Snoot and ultimately winning!

Norma MacMillan did Pokey's voice actually very successfully, like in the (already reviewed here) "Mystic Magic" and seems to be the voice here as well.

Opening title:
gears instead of "O" in the word Motor.

Open backgrond music: One of the usual Gumby chase themes.
The clayboy/pony get in Gumby's racer, and successfully enter the race, open to anyone, and then get the usual
business from Reg, who outdistances the

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Gumby - Goo for Pokey 1967

Ignore the 1956 copyright, with all due respect to the owner. This came out in 1967. This is oen of those attempts to get me, Pokey in a spinoff. Goo has a freaking crush on me. She appears everywhere I go. Like Tex Avery's Droopy.Like very recently Emma Stone in "Ghosts of Girlfriends Past' 2009(in front of poor Matthew McConneaughy) (as Droopy himself would say..I do this all through the picture. Now they're in the high school stage more like the 1980s version, but it's the original with the original soundtrack.


New year's put more as legally allowed y terms of service. All rights belong to Gumby owner Clokey and Kabillion,etc.