Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Gumby - Goo for Pokey 1967

Ignore the 1956 copyright, with all due respect to the owner. This came out in 1967. This is oen of those attempts to get me, Pokey in a spinoff. Goo has a freaking crush on me. She appears everywhere I go. Like Tex Avery's Droopy.Like very recently Emma Stone in "Ghosts of Girlfriends Past' 2009(in front of poor Matthew McConneaughy) (as Droopy himself would say..I do this all through the picture. Now they're in the high school stage more like the 1980s version, but it's the original with the original soundtrack.


New year's resolution..to put more as legally allowed y terms of service. All rights belong to Gumby owner Clokey and Kabillion,etc.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Happy new year, and 60 anniversary of Gumby: Star of his own TV show!

Happy new year yearm and now..Pinky Lee and Scotty McKee, may have been forgotten, but on Howdy Doody show, in 1956 they hosted that show where Gumby stared 60 years and some months ago-fall 1956, with the "Gumby going to the moon adventures". In 1957, by then Gumby had gone through changes..besides the series almost right from the start establishing the man cast, includuing Pokey..me, the Horse SC,  and now had gotten his own show with above mentioned Lee and McKee (yeah, a rhyme...but in order) in succession hosting..these were live action and oriignal long form, serialized, GUmby adventures that we all know in their shorter approach.. YouTube had the one with Mr.Stuff, aka the "In the Dough" storyline, with the "Dennis the Menace" music theme having bene used here in its original familiar vide version, as used in the 1958 Road Runner/Coyote show "Hook, Line & Stinker"..The In the Dough flm is otherwise with the same background music. Then we can therefore imagine exactly how Gumby's gummy adventures and Pokey' horseplay was presented.

The date of the premiere,(1957), and studio (Gumby guest voice and Davey voice for Davey and Goliath) voice regular Richard Beals birth date, with 1957 being his 30th, were coincidentally both the same, March 16. No, Mr.Beals himself didn't play the character, though you can find out by checking all of the obvious relative links on the archives.

Gumby's first show would debut therefore, though not quite the anniversary, but just forthcoming, Cheers to the 60th debut as a standalone (post-Howdy Doody) star for Gumby, and the next several rebootsd thru the 1960s and beyond (though the post 1968-69 ones are shark jumpers for me.Incredible, Art kept Davey and Goliath going in its original series. D&G premiered in 1959 right when Mr.Clockey was first relaunching GUmby, unless still doing work on the original..

Gumby's a part of you.....and your..well, read the TRULY groovin'[no ironic pandering use] title of my blog! [Thanks much to any attorneys who don't mind the use of the name.]

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Capitol Hi-Q Music Cue: Popcorn

This is for everyone at the happy holiday season John Seely-Phil Green, Popcorn/Comedy walker, heard many times in early HB till 1961.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Hey, meet...GUMBY!!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wt87rvCPViQWell,today's the 60th anniversary (a bit belated though) of Gumby, his family, Farmer Glenn, the Blockheads, and Pokey (but not the others).

This blog has for some years been in existence to cover the character's shows (pre-1970s,of course), and now celebrates
the sixtiest anniversary. In the 1955-1956 TV season somebody connected with "Howdy Doody" decided to have an animated
segment, so as we all know, by now, they contacted Art Clokey, who'd done a lot of work already, (Dinah Shore.sigh..show) and
1953's "Gumbasia" and contracted with him to do "Moon Pilot", a three part installment (much like others and Gumby's own 1957 show
) with our hero in a "I,Robot/Wall-E/I am Legend" like environment with sentient, prism like sinister critters moving, and that, that HAND
(Art or one of his animators).EEverybody knows what happes: Rescued by his dad, in hospital, with his mother as nurse, recovers, and then,
finally skates down the foyer corridor of the hosptal (to some John Seely-Bill Loose-Emil Cadkin-Jack Cookerly stock music themes also used in
the end of both "Mocking Monkey" and that of "Toy Fun").

This soon successfully morphed (yes, a reference to that later Pokey/Gumby/King Ott one) into a recurring segement and starting in 1957
hosted, then all animated series that went off and on thru the 1960s (and was in an almost completely inferior revival in 1988-1992).

So, here's to where it first began..1956..!

(And still more episode reviews (thru 1968 only), to come,yes.)

Friday, July 15, 2016

A new feature-Gumby Videos from YouTube

With the original 1950s-60ds soundtracks, I've leanred how to post these to Blogger straight from YouTube. The below has the ORIGINAL Hidden Valley name before that ranch dressing grabbed the name and the first of these, is just a showing of the 1965-1968 Gumby theme, in one of YouTube's oldest video posts.

Gumby - S2 Ep 5 - Hidden Valley