Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The John Seely/Capitol Hi-Q Produciton Music Library

Aka 50s60s production music blog. Here is hopefully a lasting post her.e..the stock music library often misunderstood and talked about as used in so many old television and schoolhouse programs and films, espeiclaly in many sitcoms and cartoons, started in 1949 as Capitol Q, made up of Mutel, David and Byron Chudnow,. ALexandre Lazlo, and Herschel Burke Gilbnert stock music among others. Others starting being widely used but independently. However the Capitol library department as known started licensing and more confusingly created their own music with renaming (with their trademark mundane-kind of-names for the cues) the cues with different "publisher abbreivation" codes.

Sometimes the codes would be some other library., Siometimes the letter codes would stand for some publisher. For instance, Bill Loose [b.Indiana, 1991 d.1991] was the head and his code was namely simply "C"!For CAPITOL, obviously.

Those composers (from within and without the library) and their codes (at Capitol,lthat is_)
would be
Belasclo, Jack "SF" (Sam Fox)

Bluestone Harry, usually with Cadkin, Emil (see below) but often with Cadkin "CB" (Cadkin/Bluestone)

Cadkin, Emil, with aforementioned Bluestone as noted, as "CB" - often worked as "Chandler/Williams", or with Bill Loose under (if with those two) "JB", and sometimes credited with third composer Jack Cookerly under "OK" (Omar-Kruahaar-Fox?).Sometimes this would get a three letter publishers code, PMS for Production Music Services (see next paragraphs).Phil Green is also said to have done scores under these names. Surprsingly, Jack Cookerly was never solely credited but often did a lot of solo compositions under the "PMS" & "OK" pub. abbrieviations.

Cookerly, Jack. See Cadkin, Emil.

Green, (Harry) Phillip. Worked under various houses under various "codes" (many stock ,libraries had them)-"UP'"GR","PG", (The initials of his name, I'm guessing), EM" (EMI Photoplay London), & "CT". Don't ask me what all those stand for.

Hormel, George. "ZR" (for "Zephyr Records")

Laszlo, Alexander. "SM" (for "Structural Music").,

Loose, Bill. "C" (for "Capitol Records". Duh! As mentioned.)

Moore, Spencer. "L". (Not sure what this one stood for.)

Seely, John and Loose, Bill. Wrote as "TC" ("Theme Craft"), ML ("May-Loo") and "AL",among others.

Shaindlin, Jack "F" (Fox)?

There were many more.
I'll post some more on this tomorrow.