Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Scrooge Loose

Produced, written, and directed by ART CLOKEY
Music unknown, see below
PLOT: Gumby and Pokey's trying to find Scrooge.
Gumby episodes sometimes had mixtures of role playing (biggest kinship here ris Henry and Rodgy segment "Dragon Witch").
The use of Gumby playing several characters together also unclue going into medieval times, the future, and such with a fire truck as a fireman'or with a
Lionel Locomotive as an engineer also playing others at the time time in the same story. This is one of them, and then some..
Gumby didn't usually do Cristmas (most early TV shows did) but several times, did, with unusual results..THis is one..
Some very odd seasinal stock music are
Scrooge stories usually had the ghosts of Christmases usually, and Gumby and Pokey had Scrooge in this, but with  no Jacob Marley/time ghosts.Instead
Gumby and Pokey are playing Holmes/Watson,m trying to catch Scrooge, no "Fezziwig/Tiny Tim/Isabella" setup, just "Scroioge was the mewanest man who ever lived", then
the humbug explanation, and they try to go after scrooge. By gloing into various books (did that trope show up in Gumby often
or did that trope show up in Gumby often??), Scrooge, and his famous pursuers from elsewhere in Brit 19th literature melded with Art Clokey's brilliant mind go through various seasonal
locales.  This way, Gumby and Pokey can:
1) chase Scrooge thru a toy top and western setting;
2)fall and and get scruynched like clay cow road-apples
3)do the "wake up" it common here with one character (Gumby) poking me, that's right kids, Poking Pokey (A-HEM, Gumby!)
4)get through the Norht Pole. Oh yeah. My clay dough master Gumby then dresses like Roy Rogers (like Henry the bear in  Clokey's "Dragon Witch")_
then chase scrooge inside Santa's workshop
5)Gumby gets Scooge and puts him into Santa's spare bag.
6) Santa grabs THAT back, which Gumby and yours truly realise before chasing outside.
So finally now to "We Wish you a Merry Christmsas"
Some can get the Christmas party started. (Howe about it, Pink?) Gumby sand Pokey cna only celebratew a merry December Dopey;s Day.
I have no clue (GUmby/.Sherlock,anyone) as to whsoe stock music themes are used but it seems like Hecky Krasnow's, since iit's similiar to the Augie Doggie "Hoppy Cobbler".
However Specer Moore or Phil Green just as could have. Playing Gumby, Roy Roger and SHerlock as an osdd task, for Gumby and the shortlived Henry the bear.
Merry Christmas..

Merry MXas

Sorry for the long wait, but I'm back..Merry Christmas from this blog..and now a odd take on an old episode through this videos, and you'll see some reviews on these..

Saturday, July 14, 2012

RIP Ginny Tyler, 19??-2012

Yowp's blog has reported that my goood pal Gumby's early voice died (though I wasn't sure if she had ttill nearly a halfd hour later when I reread the blog.) She playted many females on Gumby and even a few Warner cartoons ["West of the pesos" with Speedy Gonzales in a more apt pairing with Sylvester before he;d got cast with a certain black duck and "Strangled Eggs" with Foghorn leghorn, henry Hawk and Miss Prissy the Widow Hen]. A California native transplated to seattle, Ginny's life is best done justice by the blog above, which I mentioned., Oh, and did I tell you she was at Hanna-Barbera on Yogi Bear earlier in 1958 and in  "The Flinstones" with Nancy Wible, who also played Gumby sas well, as two bimbo carhops. And she played countless animals.. And the witch who Henry Bear and Rodgy Bird at Clokey have to rescue from a sub-Frank Nelson-like smartass dragonn [the description of the dragon's voice is what I pictured him].."Dragon Witch", where Rodgy is reluctant and unncooperative to saved the witch, sand the witches and ladies in other easrly Gumbys? THat was Ginny. She was also in some kids shows of the early 50s and even hosted the syndicated Mickey Mosue Cluib of the 1960s [yeah, so what's this Lisa Welchel or Britney Spears? We mean the Annette"meeska Mooska" Funicello one. That was Ginny Tyler,too.]]

Birthdate has been confusing, 1930, 1925 [Yowp's blog mentioned that] and 1932, on one of the blogs Yowp linked to based in Seattle.Read hid blog for more Tyler credits.

 Besides Ginny, Janet Waldo, Doug Young and Nancy Wible came from the Seattle area.So, agian, RIP.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

RIP, Dick Beals, the boyish guy with an odd irony or two

During the old raido/cartoons days, many young naturally sounding young kid voices were heard - then there were those that sounded like REAL kids, but weren't One of those was Walter Tetle,y who died in 1975, and who was NOT on GUmby.. The other was Richard aka Dick Beals, who just left us, and who WAS on Gumby, the other Art Clokey production Davey and Goliath, too, as Goliath, but ONE voice he NEVER did was Gumby himself. Any "Dick Beals"-ish voices coming from my little green owner would be in later years came from Norma McMillan, who'd passed in 2001.

Here's the news... For a fellow who ironically never voiced my "Clay Dough:" green owner, Mr.Beals WAS on some episode as little kids---most notably as that "Get off my planet" kid in 1962's "Small Planets", which had a bit of the same canned music from Capitol's "D" Dramatic series as later used so famously in "Night of the Living Dead". And as Davey---or should I say, a la GOliath [Hal Smith], "Da-oi-vey..".. And elsewhere..Mr.Spacely's [Mel Blanc's] spoilt kid Arthur on the "Jetsons" [both 1962 and 1985-88 verisons], WB's Ralph Phillips character in 1954's "From A to ZZZ" [to teacher Mareion Richman]..Ken Snyder/Pantomime Pictures's 1963 "Funny Co.", AND m ost famously, TV commercials/Miles Labatroies/Alka Selter's "Pliop! Plop! Fixz FIzz, Oh what a relifer it is" crooning.. "Speedy Alka Seltzer".

Like everybody else in cartoons, [marvin Miller, Billy DeWolfe, Janet Wlaod, June Foray, Mel Blanc, Frank Nelson,Saws Butler, and his rival Walter Tetlley] he'd started or at least had a huge backgorund in radio. Charles Hillinger, freelance wqriter, in L.A..Times, note din 1992 that the orig8inal radio version of Jack Webb's [1920-1982] landmark hit "Dragnet" was a role for Dick B., and his birthdate was 3/16/27 in Detroit. [3#/16/57 was the time that Gumby appeared..yet he was ironically NEVER Gumby.:) Art Clokey and then Dal McKennon played me.]

He'd comment that it was quite lucky that a young looking, and young sounding guy like him camw along, quite an advantage.."an adult with a child's voice.....and NO welfae workers, either"[to Charles Hillinger in article above.]

He was also in "Frankenstein Jr.", a 1967 H-B show with Ted Cassidy [d.1978, "The Addams Fmaily] as Frankenstein, paired with "The Impossibles"[Hal Smith, Marvin Miller & Pau Frees].

He'd been a cheerleader, announcer, and others in sports games,too.

And NO, her probaly was not related to a certai "Flashdancer"  named Jennifer. Or to fellow character actor John Beal.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Siege of Boonesboro

Originally Broadcast circa 1966-67.

Produced, Written, and Directed by:

Ptotography by

Pokey/Everyone else/DAL McKENNON


PLOT: Gumby and Pokey as Frontier heroes?

Happy New Year to this blog..third anniversary..
At the time of this show was the mid-xisties, when there was a major #1 song by the Chicago based group The Buckinghams, "Kind of a Drag", with some hornswith an ironically'upbeat Sunshine Pop sound (the Gumby theme by now which inspriried this blog's title(!!) had a similiar song without horns). While the song itself has NOTHING to do with Gumby, there IS a big drag here. Like Walt Disney, Art Clokey liked to explore history on the Davey Crockett/Daniel Boone line, as with the Pilgrims and Native Americans, and this takes a drag twist, sort of. When we start, it's different than other American history themed episodes. Normally, our boys would melt into a book ["Gumby for President", "Son of Liberty", etc. just among the History related ones, not to mention "How Not To Trap Lions" and "Stuck On Books" with no American History tehemd]. But here we start out accopanied by a banjo music bed, with Mr.Boone, explaining to Gumby and Pokey about the title siege. They tend go to the fort where our story takes place.

In a second, Indians go shoot in the fort.. Gumby and Pokey and Daniel Boone [whose TV show also had Dal McKennon as a costar to Fess "Davy Crockett's" Parker---RIP for the last five or so years, btw to Parker and for the last 2 to McKennon] then agree to drag up the people in the fort and make up ectra dummies.

As a result, the indians think that they are outnumbered and we get a victory for all, and again a  neat banjo plug stock-library production music bed (possibly Dan Kirsten in both the John Seely and Ole Georg regimes of John Seely Associates/Media Music, given the openings and this one's similiary to "Gold Rush Gumby's" use of GM-592 "Western Saloon", [for a long time used at Disneyland in guess where-"Frontierland"-Anaheim Park], which IS by Kirsten vis-a-vis Ib Glindemann ["The Night of the Living Dead",1969].
Gumby also does a somewhat garbled final line:"It just shows that you don't have to run when you know the right tricks to peek..." Anyone who has seen this one...was the line..? The short just fades out.

Music is the same, basically unidentifiable..and any credits I suggest should be TAKEN AS Educsated guesses..

The giggles on a frontier gal's face at the silly costumes in the fort mezzanine/catwalk is price.

There's a Queensboro and a Triboro bridge in New York.,..maybe somewhere there is a Boonesboro bridge, too.