Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Witty Witch

Originall Broadcast 1962? Sponsored by LAKESIDE TOYS.

Gumby/Pokey/"Frank Fontaine" Spider Monster/DAL McKENNON

Opening "Gumby theme"/BILL LOOSE, JOHN SEELY

Title [no music, just sound FX of Witch's Cauldron bubbling]

[witch, helicopter, Gumby and Pokey suspended]/probaly JB or E, one fo the "Night of the Dead" tracks.
Witch Carrying Gumby & Pokey in helicopter/BILL LOOSE or JACK MEAKIN?
"Fontaine/Crazy Guggenheim" monster appearing as Pokey, stills suspended from Witch's chopper, looks" "Comedy Mysterioso" ZR-53/GEORGE HORMEL [used a lot on "Ruff and Reddy"]

Gumby and Pokey imprisoned "Comedy Time-Pass 5-JB-214"/BILL LOOSE [and Emil Cadkin?]
Gumby and Pokey now in theatre [see below]:"JB-216 Comedy Mechanical", also titled "Comedy Military"]/BILL LOOSE, EMIL CADKIN [and NELSON RIDDLE?]

No music for reat of this scene

Finale, Gumby & Pokey emerge from book:"The Jerk aka PG-285"/PHILLIP GREEN

Closing Music and title/SEELY-LOOSE

PLOT:It's Haloween and our friend the witch has a suprise for our friends.

Catching up in between Halloween and Thanksgiving, here are posts for Halloween and Thankgiving, so a Halloween treat tobe thankful for are these four entries in one night. Witches tend to be very surprsing, especially in this show, and this one's no exception: Playing in the standard-issue toy-store setting, Gumby and Pokey spy a Witch's chopper [ran by one with voiced by Disneyland Records narrator GINNY TYLER, also heard elsewhere, and in early Yogi Bear cartoons, supposedly, on Don M.Yowp's site as linked, and profiled in GREG EHRBARH and TIM HOLLIS"S excellent 2005 "Mouse Tracks: The Story of Disneyland Records", which I have, and seen on the [ONLY for me] "Mickey Mouse Club" [1955-1959/ABC-TV], hosting the 1960s reruns.] and carries G&P to a castle. There..they are met by a monster with a [then on Jackie Gleason's American Scene Magazine show.]], radio comic Frank "I'm in other actors's bodies Pete Puma and that giddy yukking lion in Huckleberry Hound shorts" Fontaine [1920=1978] type voice [by McKennon, though, who'd done this then for Walt Lantz's bulldog Champ in Doc Cat shorts to Paul Frees's Doc], who jails with the witch's help our heroes in Witch's Prison-well, what else to call it. A curtain event is to be called, as the "Crazy Guggenheim" type spider says, and our friends debate briefly and after the delightful surprise, they are free. [HUGE spoiler alert..] At the show, like any theatre!! the witch plays a piano and gets a "Victor Borge" bit--one thrown in her face. After this, Gumby asks a convulsively yukking Pokey why he's laughing.
Most music cues aren't entirely possible for me to trace, but it seems the one used before the Hormnel one is one that cult filmmaker George Romero used in "Night of the Living Dead". If so, that's a clue as to a cue from the Hi-Q D series [by that time, the entire librayr when the Dead movie came out was controlled, as it today without practically any of that earlier music for years, by Ole Georg].
This witch reppears in the next short nad in a Christmas short, and surprsingly Gumby never even catches on to her funniness..nor is in the Pokey one that will be touched on, perhaps, this Christmas, and the next one is first dealt with here, but not the FIRST made, of the Henry bear and Rodfy Bird shorts.UPDATE [5/13/11]:Incidentally, thanks to a couple of files from a totally confidential source, I found out what the prison cue, used in the open and later in "Magic Wand" is. Loose's "Comedy Timepass" JB-214, though the JB suggests Emil Cadkin input as well. On L-73/L-74, "Light Neutrals".

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