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First, trying to adjust to this NEW FANGLED Blogger posting entry form...these young whippersnapper..when I was their age..ahem! Anyhow, as I'm known to be one of many internet fans of old cartoons from the 1930s to the 1960s and posting often, it has to happen but mine, and esxcuse the "elitist" title :-), is MY entry..in this, and it has the same style as this only I take a look at stuff like television cartoon specials, reissue prints and such..yeah, 10,000,000 blogs have this but in my own patented way, I will
try to in additon to my huge talent for palindrome, use mine for odd looks at various aspects, including the screen crfedits of many cartoons, including the television ones, before 1970..

So anyway..here is the link..here I MAY change the space to Pokey/blogpsot//more to come including blogs and OUTSIDE pages..yhes, I am expanding as a page posting icon..humnbly..hangs Pokey pony head smiling humbly..

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The Moon Boggles





The more that a television frnachise gets more popular, the more a spinoff seems to be done or is done. Consider Pokey solo efforts, and this one, as the seal-like critters of the title did a few other episode,s and crossing over with a "Bela Lugosi" like diabolical scietnist, Dr.Zvegee [not seen in this episode], You might get the feeling that this one's done to promote hte "Boggles."[More recent: "Friends" into "Joey". That is so not happening.]

At the local Zoo, Gumby and Pokery are summoned by the recurring zookeeper seen in so many of these episodes, and have to catch the sea lion like Moon Boggles, who escaped form their zoo cage, with the freezing kind of Midas Touch--everything that they touch winds up in the deep freeze. Pokey's trying to catch time, but [to the tune of orchestrated chase cue with violins], with the net aorund a "Moon-Boggle", gets a free ride, a real drag. Gumby then hangs on, and BOTH get the freezing touch.

Seque to Gumby and Pokey at home, and the zookeeper pass to Gumby, to Pokey--"they were only catching some fresh air, that's why they got out". A real Boone Doggle I say. [You know one of the "Boggles" is a girl due to the ribbon.]

Excellent tinkling eerie stock music used in some other later 1960s Gumbys ["Dragon Daffy","Taile Tale","Grab Grabber Gumby" aka "A Clockwork Gumby", similiar to Bill Loose's eerie Ghost cues ghostwritten by light orchestral music legend [and composer of the famed "Holiday for Strings"] David Rose (Yowp's Blog), with gossamer, tinkly stylistic instruments, but clearly froma different music service, and yet unpegged down, is used during the open scene of the Moon Boggles and followed y Pokey. The chase music is similiar to composer Jack Shaindlin'sa familiar Augie/Snooper and Blab/Quick Draw "Mad Rushes" but are different cues. They're also used in other late 60s "Gumby's" ["Goo for Pokey" and "The Golden Gosling"].

The Moon Boggles crossed over with "Dr.Zveege" in "Hot Ice" [with the made doctor debuting in "Prickle's Problem" and also appearing without the "'Boggles" in
"Piano Rolling Blues".]

The Gumby League



Pokey/Prickle/Others/DAL McKENNON[?]

Music cues still rather hard to identify due to this beign late 60s.

Usually, an episode of this original show doesn't use a lot of variaitons on gags, thus, you don't see a lot of the
sports spoofs like other franchises [Porky Pig in Friz Freleng's 1940 "Porky's Baseball Broadcast", Yogi Bear in Bill Hanna and Joe Barbera's 1959 "Rah Rah Bear", and all the
Goofy shorts]. Usually, a more, linear [for lack of a better term] style of narrative was used throughout the series's duration..

However, this is an example...At the 1967 Gumbasia ball game...Gumby, Pokey, Prickle, Goo, professor Kapp, and the Blockheads, taking a leaf from the
classic Disney Goofy Jack Kinney shorts of the 40s and 50s like "Hockey Homicide", etc ., with dopplegangers of them, are on two opposing teams with each other.

Sufficient sporting music is played, including a bed from the open of the show's "The Rodeo King". It's rather repetivie to detial, but just the expected baseball and clay gags. Gumby gets a baseball while Pokey slides. A field set up for this is the background for this..

Prof.Kapp, Prickle, and Goo are in tuis..though not Nopey, Dr.Zveegee [would be a manager for the Blockheads], or the Moon Boggles or the others, a concept that WAS reivisted ten years later in 1970s in Hanna-Barbera's low point [one of too many during this and the ensuing decade ahead] "Scooby Doo's All Star Laffalympics", where various allstar HB characters..

BTW Does ANYBODY know the source for at least SOME of these 1967-68 cues? They may have appeared on two of the "S"'s : Selected Sound or Sonoton, but it escapes me.

The gimmick of many "Blockhead characters" recalls on the other side of good, Goofy in many classic 1940s-1950s Disney sports shorts.