Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Moon Boggles





PLOT:Gumby and P{okey are hired by the recurrant Zookeeper to catch the rare escapees, tyhe Moon Boggles.First in a brief story arc (see below.)

The more that a television frnachise gets more popular, the more a spinoff seems to be done or is done. Consider Pokey solo efforts, and this one, as the seal-like critters of the title did a few other episode,s and crossing over with a "Bela Lugosi" like diabolical scietnist, Dr.Zvegee [not seen in this episode], You might get the feeling that this one's done to promote hte "Boggles."[More recent: "Friends" into "Joey". That is so not happening.]

At the local Zoo, Gumby and Pokery are summoned by the recurring zookeeper seen in so many of these episodes, and have to catch the sea lion like Moon Boggles, who escaped form their zoo cage, with the freezing kind of Midas Touch--everything that they touch winds up in the deep freeze. Pokey's trying to catch time, but [to the tune of orchestrated chase cue with violins], with the net aorund a "Moon-Boggle", gets a free ride, a real drag. Gumby then hangs on, and BOTH get the freezing touch.

Seque to Gumby and Pokey at home, and the zookeeper pass to Gumby, to Pokey--"they were only catching some fresh air, that's why they got out". A real Boone Doggle I say. [You know one of the "Boggles" is a girl due to the ribbon.]

Excellent tinkling stock music used in some other later 1960s Gumbys ["Dragon Daffy","Taile Tale","Grab Grabber Gumby" aka "A Clockwork Gumby", similiar to Bill Loose's eerie Ghost cues ghostwritten by light orchestral music legend [and composer of the famed "Holiday for Strings"] David Rose (Yowp's Blog), with gossamer, tinkly stylistic instruments, but clearly froma different music service, and yet unpegged down, is used during the open scene of the Moon Boggles and followed y Pokey. The chase music is similiar to composer Jack Shaindlin'sa familiar Augie/Snooper and Blab/Quick Draw "Mad Rushes" but are different cues. They're also used in other late 60s "Gumby's" ["Goo for Pokey" and "The Golden Gosling"].

The Moon Boggles crossed over with "Dr.Zveege" in "Hot Ice" [with the made doctor debuting in "Prickle's Problem" and also appearing without the "'Boggles" in
"Piano Rolling Blues".]

The variaiton on the "King Midas" idea, reworked with the famous consequences for the mainly Prickle Dino centric "Mystic Magic", here as a helpful [and shall we say, chilling, magic power], actually serves these characters well [but do moon boggles share sodas with two drinks without the freezing doing "A KING MIDAS" and freezing them over..]

In future posts, I might examine how the strange crossover these two seals had with a "Doctor Zveegee" may have meant to be a seperate series with them...