Friday, August 28, 2009

More videos uploaded

A few have uploaded a number of older Gumby videops with the original stock cues to youTube.

"Stuck on Books"
"Hot Ice"
"A Bone for Nopey"
"Bully for Gumby"
"Gumby Racer"
"Racing Game"

Excellent to see these again [though I have some already on DVD and VHS, in the case of Bully for Gumby, which isn't with original Capitol/Langlois-Cinemusic track on DVD but is on the muhc older 1980s VHS video, which is what I have.]

Most also have their end titles..


Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Among the many stock composers whose tunes you'll find in Gumby was one Phillip Green, whose music was written for many UK mood libaries beginning in 1930s on. Born 1911, UK, died 1982, his cues would be among those often asked about in the references to the Capitol cues topics on the net even without a composer name attached. His music was done for a lot of companies, until EMI Photoplay became his permament home. While being largely the exclsuive composer, he wound up at least the lead with Jack Cookerly [1926-??] and Bill Loose [1910-1991], as well as Emil Cakdin [??] and a few others. His cues would be, and this is due to a request from fellow blogger Yowp, at the most memorable:[CARLIN library has reissued many on CAR 404: CLASSIC CARTOON FUN.Enjoy....]

The site here has some and the untitled ones [listed as I can rememebr them for that site]

A light, pleasant cue from Q/2called "Dressed to Kill" but retitled as "Original EM-CT-1" on disc 47/48 on Capitol Hi-Q. Quick Draw, Snooper and Blabber, Gumby ["Pigeon in a Plum Tree"], and Tweety ["Bird in a Bonnett"] fans will recognize this one. "Comedy Walker", retitled "Chirpie Chappie" [The Carlin library, like the original that this came from, is a British one, regarding the slang term "chappie"].

The famous circus cue "Custard pie Capers" renamed "EM-CT-2 Comedy Circus" now known as "Circus Chase". Used in Snoop and Blab, Fractured Fairytales, Quick Draw, and the first MCDonald's ad. And Foghorn Leghorn, "Weasel while you work".

A marching cue used in the Gumby short "The Zoops" [that trippy odd critter short with the potion and such, "PCCampbell10" uploaded it to YouTube] as I thought two times [Gumby and me, Pokey, arrivin' to the zoo then the zookepper locking up the creatures] till I found out it was used AGAIN, a different part, [the zookeeper in this and a few other Gumby and Pokey series titles informing that he's "onto Gumby", who has spent the time reaping the rewards of selling weird animals from poticn"--that I recognized as part of the bed only after visiting the site for these],
Richochet Pete","Even Stevens","Witty Witch".Title unknown,btw.It's at here, track 23

Speaking of the Zoops, the open and close, also in "One Got Fat", the oddball film with the late actor Edward Everett Horton [1886-1970 of Fractured Farity Tales, and Ginger Rogers and Fred Asatire movies and raido prioir to that] narrating, after the credits in the track 29.

The laid back cue in My Three Sons, and also in its own right one of the top recognizable stock cues, used in Quick Draw/Snooper [esp. there]/Augie, and Weasel white you work with Foghorn Leghorn in the opening title, many commercials and intermission reels as archived on YouTube, and even John Kricfalusi's "Boo Boo and the Man", titled "Popcorn", retitled "EM-1" Comedy Walker, now known as Off we Go in the CAR 404 CLASSIC CARTOON FUN CARLIN cd.

The eerie clip clip "Skeleton in the Cupboard" Western sounding cue from Quick Draw [for instance], GR-87, retitled in the Capitol library as 5-PG-206 "Grotesque Comedy", now "Late Night Jinx" in Carlin.Used in Pigeon in a Plum Tree where Gumby episodes are concerned..Track 18 in here

That cue that sounds like braying jackasses [in the Gumby world, it's my-Pokey's-heroic lupine bitin' theme-to save goofy Frank Fontaine sounding Prince Harold-"Pigeon in a Plum Tree"0---and it's in all of the three Quick Draw segments, and in the Wile E. cartoon "Hook, Line and Stinker" scored by John Seely of Capitol Special Products when the coyote puts birdseed on the railroad tracks-in a different version-see below for the preceding]. Called "By Jiminy it's Jumbo", then "4-PG-20? Heavy Comedy Movement", now "Harry the Hippo", respectively in the EMI, Capitol and Calrin libraries. Personally, I don't care what anybopdy says, had I run a production library or uploaddit I'd call it "Braying Burrito" or something..

A light, British style army military march used as [Clokey's Gumby] "Groobee" [no title known] theme, also in "Foxy Box", a Gumby 60s short that is that double whammy of a lkagte 60s TV rarity--a solo film and pantomime short. You just don't get that by the 60s unless you're at the movies watching Mr.Pink Panther.Track 30.

A cue that Bryan Lord/Totalrod 2 here mixed with others in SPENDING SPREE, and titled out of lack of knowldedge as to title as "Curious Kittens", but was called "Bush Baby" [No, NOT an anti-"W" tune this was a 1950s British instrumental novelty!], then "8-PG-149 Comedy Movement", now "Animal Magic". the last, and the other Calrin titles [the apla-numerical code's Capitol's old ones, and the first was EMI UK]
.Used in "Too Loo" with Gumby, and LOTS of times in "Augie Doggie" HB shorts.
More to come..