Friday, January 8, 2010

Our creator..ART CLOKEY.1921-2010.

Sigh..even with all the Gmby Essentuials and reviivals of the produciton libraries and internet conversaitons, first we lost Dallas McKennon. Then we lose the creator, Clokey, who also served his creator well with the Davey and Goliath series with the Lutheran Church of America. But even though both are gone, the legacy lingers on. So, hanging my head for a while, RIP, Art, and ..sigh.. thanks for all.

Art Clokey, born 1921, Detroit Mich.,USA. d.2010.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Gumby Baby Sits

Originally broadcast in 1967.
Writer-Directors: KLEINOW and PECK
Gumby/Goo/Junior's mom/Junior/NORMA MacMILLAN
Pokey/Prickle/UNKNOWN, maybe DAL McKENNON

Special Sound FX
JOSEPH SIRACUSA [from the old Jay Ward "Rocky and Bullwinkle" stock sound FX library]

[Open theme] "Gumby Heart Song"/P.KLEINOW
Title Card 0:10 PH-447/"Hop, Jump, Skip" short tag/PHILIP GREEN, GEOFF LOVE & KEN TORNE
Silent till Junior and Gumby get outside "Catching the Mouse"[brief wa-wa-quote]"/PHIL GREEN
"London Bridge" like cue?

PLOT:Gumby proves that he sucks at babysitting a brat.

Gumby babysitting a brat. His mother [shown rather form waist down] leaves the kid in trust of our hero, only to have the brat yell at Gumby several commands, and then when Gumby's walking away, the brat gets in his way. Gumby can't even have a chnace to kick a beach ball, not even in anger! All this is accompanied by kettle drum sounds from comic bandleader Spike Jones [1911-1965]'s venerated drummer and comic JOE SIRACUSA, best known for his "Jay Ward/Rocky and Bullwinkle/Peabody" cartoon sound FX. Goo, Pokey, and Prickle come up only to hear:
"Get that horse off the yard".
"No friends over here".
"NO playing BALL"
The four clay stars manage to sneka up behind the kid when his mother-how convenient, right-comes up to get the kid and praises Gumby. Goo offers some jobs as a close gag "for all my friends". This is a pretty odd episode for reasons mentioned above, and one that definitely deserves to be on the next disc.

Friday, January 1, 2010


Happy new year, 2010 [and it is twenty-ten:) NOT 2000 and ten to me.] to everyone..anyway, here's a long overdue look at the first three episodes,
probaly long an 18 minute short on "Howdy Doody" [Gumby's original home base through 1957; broadcast during 1947-1960] with a VERY chunky Wriggly looking Gumby going thrugh near oantimime and eerie Moon adventures.

Y'know, it's funny...producer Art Clokey avoided giving his kids nightmares and made these form his bedtime stories but strangely some of these were freaky, but it did help in the way that old-school pscychologist Bruno Bettleheim and David and Goliath who conviently were indirectly repsonsible for another Clokey show Davey and Goliath had shown, and many cartoons had...trying to face up one's fears, though Gumby wasn't a phsyically three inch high character like many theatricals micd and birds was. Anyhow, this has a very odd, silent, almost "I Am Legend/Wall-E" feel with Gumby walking along the "deserted" [as if there were cities there] moon.

Inconsitent use of very early eerie sound/music [and they really do interchange here] effects.

The Trilogy:
MOON TRIP/GUMBY ON THE MOON/TRAPPED ON THE MOON [at least the first one's in correct order since it deals with Gumby going around in the toystore and journeying to the moon.]

Very few voice roles so the case listing is very different
Producer-writer-creator-director-head designer-voice of Gumby's dad-head animator-scluptor

Voice of Gumby

Music cues
Consists of what seem to be the former Capitol "S" Shorts series that became the later car alarm [Lo-Jack?] sound FX imitating eerie sounds, revealed now on Carlin Production Music: CAS 401: "Classic Science Fiction]" [and this little orange clay pony would like to thank and send a neigh-winny to Carlin for NOT using "SCI-FI", whcih is just as annoying as "Frisco", "Angelo", and racial words.] composed by HARRY LUBIN, a fellow whose music isn't used much in Gmby except for part of Rain Spirits, and again unconventional essentially non-musical stuff. "Floating Bodies" on CAS 401 CLASSIC SCIENCE FICTION is CLEARLY NOT ONLY that VERY eerie "Fweep FweeP' sound but the ones even more so as "tweaked" for the aforementioned car alarm sound..vaguly similiar. In the end of one ofthe other syndicated edits from the original, a Jack Cookerly, Emil Cadkin and Bill Loose cue plays now called in Carlin Production Music's CPM 1 or 2, or at once, as "Out for a Promenade", nee "Pleasant Neutral Foxtrot". Most of it otherwise seems to be the odd spacey music by obsucre B movie and show composer, the aforemoentioned HARRY LUBIN. Many archival discs of his are out, and I find it fascianting, the CARLIN ARCHIES CAS 33, but that's for some other topic and besides Gumby did not use anything else by him that I know.

Originally Broadcast: On Howdy Doody 1956, Rerun in 1957 on Gumby/Pinky Lee and his wown.

"This is the Moon. My...AROEGGIO. You RUINED it. UGH you...I never wanna see.." OOOPS, [insert Britney Spears song quote there], wrong title. That's "Small Planets" [1961]. Just trying to catch attention. It is a pleasant afternoon in a toy store and the --- horns please ---- debut of Gumby enters in, looking to see the world [why's that familiar folks?] and after picking out a new powerful 1956 rocket ship with many miles to the jet gallon [is that technically accurate?] Gumby's, like a fledging eagle leaving its nest, a youngster off on his first solo adventure to the moon. The green guy is voiced by a Ruth Elggelston Goodall, accoridng to Art - one book by Michaelson and Kaplan named her, but as a treasuer] was the voice of Gumby here..his mom;s voice isn't yet identified..someone no doubt will no doubt put a name to it.

We know Gumby can use any kind of transport and will, going through the episodes. Where it all began was this eerie trip to the moon where he passses a sinister-smiling Mars then goes to the moon, weights him, gets his Gumbometer [sic], used in a few other types as a thermooniter] and the gravitational weight s for him to bounce. "Whee" is Gumby's only bit of dialogue till the part split from this [more below]. Some evil walking prism/pyramid looking thingys walk in trippyness and pantomime behi9nd Gumby, who sits down. End of the future [a-HEM] "Moon Trip" segment. Either of the next, "Gumby" or "Trapped" "On the moon" follows as he jumps and then gets cahsed, by the prisms into a crater and back in the toy, his dad [CLokey claims to have done that voice himself] intones.."Yep, he's on the moon all right", adding that he's gotta go after him [that's Gumby, his son, and there would be no series----rememeber when Tex Avery sent Bugs Bunny and a dumb dog Willoughby off a cliff in 1941's The heckling Hare"?] Using a fire engine's hook and ladder Gumbo then arrives but Gumby now on seeing him and the weird prisms warns his dad on it. The story is then in limbo for me as our hero's taken back as not only the then current practice making longer Gumbys that later back short two ones in 1962 but an even longer one that spawned a third similiar one with stock footage from the second, not the first third, makes the following hard to determine if the footage from is wound up in "Trapped on the Moon" and the remaining with reuse of the former in "Gumby on the Moon" or vice versa, but "Moon Trip" has the previous story and it's clearly the first of the three. Back in one of these, in the earth hospital, comes the air ung thawing out process. Gumby tells his folks how glad it is to be back [in part two or three] and then skates through the hopsital aisle [first time skating] [the remianing one.] Future longer Gumby's would be cut in two or rearranged or whatever in two, not three. First shown on "It's Howdy Doody Time" with Buffalo Bob Smith, broadcast from 1947 through 1960.This episode was first seen in 1956; It's on [the first third anyhow] the current Gumby Essentials as a bonus. When the later resoundtracked 1988-1993 Gumby series came around, not the voices, but the sound nad music remained the same, possibly because of the voices being the only audio element for the most part. But there was no rights issue over voices here, was there? Remade with Dal McKennon dubbing over in the "New Adventures of Gumby". Whew. Anyway, Happy new year..