Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dragon Witch

A GUMBY SPECIAL-Aired on the show but an attempted supporting segment, one of at least three.

First Aired:Circa 1962.

Henry the Bear/DAL McKENNON[?]
Rodgy the little clay bird/]JUNIUS MATTHEWS?
Dragon/Either FRANK NELSON or someone imitating him

All from SAM FOX and all suppsoedly composed by BOB MERSEY, all now aviable as retitled on CARLIN, re-credited to a DAVID MORSE

"Beatnik"/ROBERT MERSEY-the entire toyshop scene, including our heroes hearing the witch
"Flutesville"-Entering the forest"/ROBER MERSERY
"Jazz Dramatic"/ROBERT MERSEY"-hearing and saving dragon from witch
"Call Girl"/ROBERT MERSEY-Witch thanks Henry, causes Rodgy to faint, Henry and Rodgy have gently argumentive talk, and closing title

PLOT:Similair to "Scrooge Loose" Roy Rogers, Knights, and oh my! Not to mention a dragon eating the witch that owns him!

Briefly: Henry and Rogy in a fairy tale about a dragon..

Opens with Henry the Cowboy Bear, who also's a knight-a "little of both"-as he admits..to clay BFF Rodgy [BB=Best Friend Forever..LOL], and in-----yup, a toystore..;)----they hear that witch we know from "Witty Witch" and "Santa Witch", and go inside a book [sound familiar?:)], but Rodgy is a reluctant little nut, though he does have some more common sense..but Henry keeps saying, and showing when he spies a "Frank Nelson-WELLLL!!!" sounding smart alecky dragon [NO Chinese accent HERE, despite the proper national font for the title!!!!!] he does the hero vs villoian thing against the DRAGON, that "we animals must be kind to humans!"

Taking a rope [and from every earlier would be comedy hero, a leaf] the bear gets the reticent little boid to catch dragon, alleviating his anti-melting fears [sort of]. Rodger goes after the dragon,a nd decoys him just in time to be melted, as he'd feared, but onbly temporarily, while Henry's trick to land a freshy caught fish-I meant DRAGON, succeeds, as the bear shows the bird his loyalty by remolding him, only to see the WITCH. It's even more shocking. SHE'S LOOKING down, admiring Rodgy, thus proving Henry's belief in the witch. Of course Rodgy acts rudely, frightening, scared, and waxed petty about her. To a disappointed-in-his-pal bear:"That dragon---a LADY"?

This is not just the first time that I'm revweing one of these shorts, but one with the earky 60s "beat" jazz music mentioned above. Spiderman and Courageous Cat used a lot of this,too. A blog had a file site called Music fom Spiderman with these, which I recognized MUCH to my surprised. They're listed as played by Det Moor orchestra.This, "Who's What", and the Gumby short "Hot Rod Granny", all used these cues, they're from X and a confidentail source has noted that he's told of the GO lisating for them. Surprised given the Sam Fox/Synchro origin that these aren't SF but then they came from Boosey and Hawkes before, I hear from elsewhere.

The dialogue's excellent..between apparently Don Messick doing both roles, though it's still foggy as to the males here. The dragon's voice is definitely hilariy..a lot of direct decisions by Henry and Rodgy as to their opinions on dragon and witch adventures, and the dragon himself, why he is eating the withc who owns him...though the witch herelf doens't appear much. Title card is similair to "Whos' What"?


Yowp said...

Is there a version with the original sound track out there? I found this version but there's no way that synth music is from 1962.

Max West said...

I like the Henry & Rodgy shorts but I wonder why only 3 of them were made. Did Art Clokey have bigger plans for these character but not get around to them? I guess we'll never know.