Friday, October 21, 2016

Hey, meet...GUMBY!!,today's the 60th anniversary (a bit belated though) of Gumby, his family, Farmer Glenn, the Blockheads, and Pokey (but not the others).

This blog has for some years been in existence to cover the character's shows (pre-1970s,of course), and now celebrates
the sixtiest anniversary. In the 1955-1956 TV season somebody connected with "Howdy Doody" decided to have an animated
segment, so as we all know, by now, they contacted Art Clokey, who'd done a lot of work already, (Dinah and
1953's "Gumbasia" and contracted with him to do "Moon Pilot", a three part installment (much like others and Gumby's own 1957 show
) with our hero in a "I,Robot/Wall-E/I am Legend" like environment with sentient, prism like sinister critters moving, and that, that HAND
(Art or one of his animators).EEverybody knows what happes: Rescued by his dad, in hospital, with his mother as nurse, recovers, and then,
finally skates down the foyer corridor of the hosptal (to some John Seely-Bill Loose-Emil Cadkin-Jack Cookerly stock music themes also used in
the end of both "Mocking Monkey" and that of "Toy Fun").

This soon successfully morphed (yes, a reference to that later Pokey/Gumby/King Ott one) into a recurring segement and starting in 1957
hosted, then all animated series that went off and on thru the 1960s (and was in an almost completely inferior revival in 1988-1992).

So, here's to where it first began..1956..!

(And still more episode reviews (thru 1968 only), to come,yes.)