Monday, November 16, 2009

All Broken Up

Art Clokey Presents a Gumby Adventure, "All Broken Up".
Originally broadcast, 1965.
Gumby/Goo/Pokey/NORMA MacMILLAN
Prickle[/concert announcer/DAL McKENNON

Writer-Director either ART CLOKEY or PETE KLEINOW and RAYMOND PECK

Open: "Gumby theme"/PETE KLEINOW
Intro: Standard slide whistle/JOHNNY HOLLIDAY [originated on at least one of the older Sam Singer-AIP TV Sinbad Jr.shorts which credit him]
Many "modern musical sounds" that relate to the story/UNKNOWN
Announcer introducing Prickle: "Variete 1"/HANS CONZELMANN and DELLE HAENSCH [and possibly GERHARD TREDE as ASCAP.COM lists not a "DELLE Haensch but a GERHARD Haesnch" and despite the many GERHARDS but Mr.TREDE and the two others are both in the same music service currently--SELECTED SOUND. Also this was used in "Ren and Stimpy", of which an extremely popular online soundtrack album of this exists to identitty the composder as PHIL GREEN...but it IS in the SELECTED SOUND folder, 5518, SHOWBIZ< as #26 "Variete 1" by HANS CONZELMANN and DELLE HAENSCH, and NOT by PHIL GREEN]
Rest are largely unknown music effects as such, relative to story plus the standard 1960s flute theme that would be normally heard in these late 1960s shorts.
End theme/KLEINOW
UPDATE, 4 March 18, thanks to the new Joe and Joan Clokey book GUMBY IMAGINED correct date, if only year

Prickle, the dinosaur with an artistic inferioirty complex [like in "Prickle's Problem" & "Mystic Magic"] gets to perform with Goo, his "demonstrator", his own compositions such as "Runcible Rhythm" [don't ask.] Pokey accidentally falls and wrecks it, with Gumbt stnaidng by. Crossfade, we now get to hear an announcer [as Conzelmann-Haensch's "Variete", also often heard in Ren and Stimpy, Selected Sound SEL5118/26] plays] announce Prickle and Goo's [she's the one who make sthese abstract shapes to his music, see.]'s big moment with Prickle playing his tune. The nasty old Blochheads come by and make their own kind of music [a year before Mama Cass would advise all of the rest of us to do the very same thang] and Goo's all broken up. Back at Gumby's labatory, the green one uses one of his science ficiton devices to restore Goo. But then the Blockheads show their block heads around, so Gumby plays music to turn the tables aorund the break THEM up.