Saturday, January 15, 2011

How Not to Trap Lions/The Mocking Monkey

Produced, written, co-voiced, and directed by

Pokey/[possibly] Other Lion/ART CLOKEY

[Syndicated series only]
Original Open title [title card]/BILL LOOSE & JOHN SEELY
Unknown flute music [heard in open scenes of WB's "A Bird in a Bonnett"][episode title]/PHILIP GREEN[?]
Sad, "soap-opera-y" trombone bone music [Richard the Lion, Gumby and Pokey @zoo]/PHILIP GREEN[?]
Unknown cue [car into book]/UNKNOWN
Comedy Movemement L-85/SPENCER MOORE [thanks to Yowp]
"Burlesque"[NOT The Christina Aguilera-Cher film, which is an excellent film btw][The scene of Gumby and Pokey ambushed]/JACK SHAINDLINB
[From the Langlois-FilmMusic(tm) library music production disks]
[Seperate 1962 "The Mokcing Monkey" open title] Unknown
"Jaunty Neutral Walker" aka [THANK you, Carlin Prod.Music] "On a Caresel" [Pokey and Gumby completing lion trap]/BILL LOOSE, EMIL CADKIN and JACK C.COOKERLY
"The Deserted Ruins" [Gumby and Pokey hear a rustling, busling sound in the nearby treetops, the monkey
[who made the sounds introduces herself, does animal imitations, lion roars]/PHILIP GREEN
"Eccentric Comedy Suite 300" [new lion appears,, Gumby makes his, uh, spiel](David Rose)/BILL LOOSE AND JOHN SEELY
"Burlesque" [everyone falls into the lion pit, lion asks who made the pit]/JACK SHAINDLIN [From the Langlois-FilmMusic discs.]
"Pleasant Neutral Foxtrot Alternate Version" also known as "Out for a Promenade"),here with alternate ending)(Jack Cookerly[Gumby and Pokey, blushing with awkwardness, rat each other out, monkey and Gumby swing on ropes and morph into the "The End" graphic)/BILL LOOSE, EMIL CADKIN and JACK C.COOKERLY
Standard Gumby closing (title)/JOHN SEELY and BILL LOOSE

A Happy New year from this blog..Going into a another year, another post:
Shows always are trying try out characters, then write them off.. Richard, the lion who was intnded as a third buddy in the Gumby series [see "Lion Around/Lion Drive"], is seen all blue in the cage, as Dr.Gumby diagnoses loneliness for a playmate, maybe say, as Pokey assumes, another lion, so, though with misgivings at first, due to his and Pokey's lack of experience, Gumby agrees to the idea, and soon after going through the dark, darker, and darkest yet reaches of the jungle, Gumby and Pokey build a lion trap that they fall into. Soon, hearing a sound in the tree, the two friends see a monkey, who can copy differet animals [a la Marlon The Tacky Brady Kids Larry Storch Magic Bird in that darn Filmation Series] vocally, thus attracting a lion. When the lion comes, Gumby and Pokey hide, with the monkey accidentlaly self-exposed. But Gumby and Pokey get the lion to go back to the city zoo to "play with another lion:" [good old Richard-remember him?] but forget about the pit, that they fall into. Rachael Ray like cooking show music ("Out for a Promenade", as it's retititled by Carlin but with different coda), plays as the lion tries to flush out that wag who "dug this lion pit!" Why are, since Gumby knows why "Richard's so blue" [thanks to me for the cogent question to Gumby], Gumby and me turned red--as if I myself aren't..hmmmm..couldn't be EMBARRASMENT... Gumby and Monkey [voiced by Clokey and Disney regular Ginny Tyler, a native of Seattle, Washington, and host of the sixties syndicated version of the classic fifites "The Mickey Mouse Club", a.k.a. "The Annette Funicello Show"] both turn into the END graphic. Richard no longer appears but is referred to in "The Groobee", without name.The new lion looks very suitably ugly, with a voice [assumed Clokey's] wanting to know about what happened, why he's just falled into a pit. We don't even see much of Richard [again, remember? he'd be gone the earliest part of this..].
A familiar melodramtic trombone cue used by H-B, that is a guilty pleasure of mine, used in Augie Doggie shorts but which you may remember fondly from Jay Ward's "Fractured Fairy Tale" "The Ugly Duckling", the one that crosses the fairy tale with "A Star is Born", and a few Cookerly-Cadkin-Loose cues,. and in second half a host of familiar cues are used, but the first half is largely "Dramatic" B-Advneture cue,s apparently, I can hardly identifiy them..the open under the titles I've only heard ealsewhere in the Warner Bros. Tweet, Granny, and Sylvester short "A Bird in a Bonnett". I can't indentify its composer either.


Yowp said...

In the lion animation, the opening music is EM-108H Light Activity (Phil Green). The digging/cover trap cue is L-85 Light Mechanical(Spencer Moore). When the zebra approaches, it's EM-123E Light Movement (Green) and when Gumby and Pokey fall in the hole, it's EM-127F Light Movement (Green).

It would make it easier to read your post if you would:

a) have a blank line between the two animations so people can figure out when the description one stops and the other starts. We don't have the video here to use as a reference. And

b) not type in a huge block of text with run-on sentences and irrelevant word-association tangents because no one can understand what you're saying. (I think I suggested this to you for the first time in 1997).

List each cue in its own little paragraph. It's much easier to follow what you're trying to say.

Pokey said...

Thanks, Yowp. Sorry about the run-on sentences, and such.I wish I knew what the "Sad Trombone" cue is, the only time I've ever heard it in Gumby. EM-108H is used in the establishing shot of Friz Freleng's only short using the Hi-Q music, "A Bird in a Bonnett".


Pokey said...

Sorry for the double entries, btw. So L-85 was used here, too? I guess EM-108H is under the titles.

Yowp said...

If I had to guess, I'd say the trombone underscore is from Sam Fox. The arrangement is a little simpler than much of the regular Hi-Q stuff. I keep wondering if there were SF cues in the 'X' series, an old-timey specialty reel that would also include the Victor Lamont material. I don't know.

Yes, EM-108H is the 'Bird in a Bonnet' opening music. All the EM cues I mentioned were in the 'S' series.

Unknown Loader said...

Completely irrelevant to your discussion, but I thought I'd mention a music library site with free downloads (after you create a free account). Maybe you've seen it. Has some Valentino cues and Ronald Stein scores.

Anonymous said...

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