Friday, September 25, 2015

The Glob

"The Glob"

Produced, Written & Directed by


"Glob" title card/?
"Light Neutral",/JACK COOKERLY & BILL LOOSE (& possibly EMIL CADKIN)(opening scenes)
"Tension"/SEELY-LOOSE (David Rose)(the sculpture gaining eyes)
"Light Neutral"/COOKERLY & LOOSE (Gumby and Pokey at Pokey's suggestion breaking away from their opening activity)
"Tension"/SEELY & LOOSE (Rose)(Gumby and Pokey suddenly seeing the coming to life of Gumby's new creation and escaping the book)
"TC-451 Heavy Agitato-Texan Theme"/LOOSE, SEELY, (Richard La Salle)(Glob following them out of book! Also chasing them and Gumby using his first plan to stop the monster)
"CB-68B Heavy Chase"/HARRY BLUESTONE-E.CADKIN (Chandler-Williams-Diane Music)(Gumby decides on another plan of action)
"PG-296 Western Saloon":/PHIL GREEN (the remainder, right through the surprise ending and Marshall Dillpickle)\

SYNOPSIS: Gumby literally creates a monster without knowing it.

The most well known episodes opf Gumby sometimes involved going out of, and into books, as a certain 1960s theme song will say. The stars are
a scary monster created (get the joke, "created a monster?") and a few of Capitol Records's memorable "D series" music themes, including cues used
on "The Texan" (1958-1960) and the 1958 Bugs Bunny short "Pre-Hysterical hare" due to a musicians strike and a third used in "Night of the Living Dead",
as wel as a light, tinkly Western theme taking up the entire final part (a la part of "Little Lost Pony").(Middle theme discussed in "Toying Around/Toy Capers')

The story opens up in an art classroom where only Gumby and Pokey are, Pokey licking an ice cream cone, Gumby sculping a monster, something that bores me (Pokey.)

Music gets a bit tense when both our heros turn their backs to the smonster, then the monster comes to life and then he starts
to look at Gumby and Pokey. Suddenly the monster comes up in front of them,m and scares them out of the book. "You really
shoulda taken my advice", says I, Pokey. "You're right, Pokey, it CAN be dangerous", but then the Monster comes up from out of the book (cue "Thee Texan" theme music()

Gumby goes onto a toy gun which shoots a net off on the mosnter, who then still chases him and Pokey. Next a cannon is tried but then doesn't work.

POkey suddenly remembers his own home town, the wild West,home of "Marshall Dillpickle" (obviously a take on "Matt Dillon" on the long running CBS show "Gunsmoke", 1955-1975)
 where they go, only to have Gumby's monstrous creation, "The Glob", following them!

Pokey gets Marshall Dillpickle, especially when Pokey and Gumby see the monster and the marshall  comes out and freaks out himself. Getting his pistols, he shots the monster, while holding, like Gumby and Pokey an Ice cream cone, which The Glob eats.

Suddenly-Gumby realises it. It's not any moving's just ICE CREAM that the big guy wants!

SO a happy ending with all four is shared.

The use of scary music in what turns out to be a western, from a western (The Texan) and used much later in the horror film (not set in the west) and then happy Texan stock music, is the real star of the episode.

Nice going from art school to the Wild West by way of toy store. The open titles have poured down clay, with a eerie stock cue still unindentifiable to me.