Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Who's What

"Who's What"-The first of the Henry and Rodgy supporting series

Unverified for now-see below

"(Unknown) Opening theme"/ROBERT MERSEY?
Contains entirely unverified cool jazz cues from Sam Fox, which is normally SF coded but is GO here, in the X series. See below..

Plot: The debut of two new stars, with one creating the other, one named Henry, with a hilarious creationist argument.

With sucesss bgets more ideas, and the second in this attempted new one has a timely theme, just after Halloween, and with the Holidays, you'll see special holiday ones..the second of Hallowween ones in the second of this [the pirate one that closed it, "Treasure for Henry", to follow later] and then the two pilgrim themed ones..

In the early sixties, after the MAJOR success of a certain clayboy and horse, Clokey must have gotten the idea to do an attempted supporting segment, and this with a Henry the Bear VERY unlike Chuck Jones's one, and a NYC sounding clay bird, Rodgy became the unlikely result..

It's the birth of the cool, as we're venturing into different canned music terrority here, and in the next two, the Pilgrim-themed ones..

The open titles of this and the others bill it as a Gumby Special,. with Gumby and Henry standing one one side, and morphing into the title, as the normal theme but Hanna-Barbera sound FX [used elsehwere in the series] play.

This would turn up on a lot of other shows. We start with the cool jazz, apparently by Robert Mersey, then the just departed of 2012)Andy William's top conductor about to help Andy turn "I Can't Get Used to Losing You" into a major easy listening early 1960s hit and Andy into one of the last stars who himself could eaisy fit into the Clokey domestic world,yes, two very  different music styles here.But going over stock cues and music in general---ins't that the norm??

PLOT:Weird animals, and a laid back college ursine hipster just trying to keep things under control. ESPECIALLY CLAY things which HE created-that'll show them! First in a brief series.

The story opens in that toystore setting, with sandbox dolls [ONE sounding like Frank Nelson--"We-l-l-l"-a voice imitated in another with the characters-see "Dragon Witch"] mocking our College type bruin for talking to clay, whcih our friend turns into his new clay friend, who talks and bitches about being stabbed, willy nilly as it is, in the chest-"I'll say much more unless you let your hand outta my LIVER". Henry does the usual "he's sick" shtick-talkin'clay. But he soon warms up to his new friend, who's now trying to find himself. When he does, "A boid", he not just crash lands but with Henry sculpting more, runs into into a "puddy tat"[Mel Blanc, or more so, WB, should SUE!!!!;0], then after the obvious chase scenes with Henry in the middle, he does more sclupting of a ferious feline critte.r.."A LION!!'', looking and sounding MUCH like something Shari Lewis would suddenly come up that frightens Lamp Chop!!! The three clay critters in their chase MELTS aways..LOL. Kinda like that Little Black Sambo story without the racism

The effects and story asre definitely unique...this is that old creator talking to creation thing going back to 1908 and a certain dino [Gertie].

Henry's voice would change serverl times, and it sounds like different actors as well as characters and music here, and in the Gumby short "Hot Rod Granny", but in "Treasure for Henry", maybe the last, the more familiar canned music which you'd or I would normally hear is used.

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