Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Reluctant Gargoyles

*But without Gumby
Pokey/Prickle/DAL McKENNON[? debatable about Prickle]

Most unknown, except for the bouncy slide whistle heard in a few
"Sam Singer TeleFeatures" 1960s vintage "Sinbad Jr." shorts [like "Wind
Genii" on TVforU and HiTops. Music attributed on that series to "Johnny Holliday" but needless to say that studio relied on stock cues from outside as well].

Broadcast date around 1967.

PLOT: Despite title, POkey, GOo and Prickle try to maintain the latest 1967 Toyshop building before the blockheads acttrue to their name and make like proto-terrorists/

Sorry to have been absent but anyway, I'm once and this time much more often back..
The first post after four months has to do with an odd episode..No Gumby featured [this was true of a few of these going back to the much earlier "Santa Witch"], as well as a almost non-relevant title that normally wouldn't trouble me but only refers to the end of the short.

Anyway, Pokey, Prickle, and Goo are in the toystore building toys to put Goo on and crowning the little Blue Mermaid as queen, with the nasty Blockheads pop up. It's been years since I saw this but if I recall correctly, they use a machine to lift the toy where she's on, then dump it off. The boys then chase after the Blockheads, eventually trapping them and then putting them as Gargoyles on the newly completed structure. Prickle defines gargoyles as ugly statues designed to keep evil spriits away only Pokey-myself-adds that this refers to the Blockheads.

Aside from a trivial title, the Clokey studio tried to spin Pokey off here and before
"Santa Witch"
"Puppy Dog School"
"Goo for Pokey"
[not counting experiments with other characters like Henry the bear and his buddy, a clay bird.]. The cues are the same ones that prove to be quite hard to trace down, but the ASCAP site for this and the Sam Singer productions [which used a lot of these music themes from mid to late 1960s-vintgae episodes] list [and yes, Sinbad listed despite that being based on an established movie and legend!] "Guenther Kauer and Douglas M.Lackey" and "Hans Conzelmann and Delle Haensch" for music. The latter actually as mentioned in a much earlier post have music from APM/SELECTED SOUND on 5200 and 5100 series ones and some of those ["Variete Number 1", heard in "All Broken Up"], can even be heard in "Ren and Stimpy"!! But a lot of background stock music heard [as far as this studio is concerned] only in 1966-68 episodes is hard to credit to a composer [though the more familiar Seely-Loose, Shaindlin,etc.cues are still used this late in a lot of shorts, especially those with Nopey like Bully for Gumby, Gold Rush Gumby,etc.]