Monday, February 9, 2015

Two News ItemsKABILLION CHANELL..which proudly has restored ALL my owner Gumby's shorts...!And good-bye, Nancy Wible,d.2015

On YouTube, all the original 1956-68 Gumby's, with the original cue soundtracks and stuff, even the rarest of all, "Foxy Box" ('67), have been legally and very lovingly restored by the (I think) relatively new Kabillion! channel!
Here is their URL;

Also, one of Gumby's voices, radio/ventriloquist/record/cartoon voice Nancy Wible, has died. She played Gumby for a while in the fifties,a s well for other cartoon studios,including United Productions of America (Magoo, Gerald McBoing Boing, Gay Purr-ee, Christopher Crumpet, etc.), Hanna-Barbera, MGM, and too many others.RIP..

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Pokey said...

PS, te second part was added tonight, August 28,2017, because of little news on her, as she "fell off the face of the planet", as they say..sorry..