Monday, February 16, 2015

The Golden Iguana (1966)

Produced Written & Directed by
Prickle/Prof.Kapp/ART CLOKEY?
Music not exactly confirmed but includes the cues that
originated in Sam Singer shows (like "Sinbad") by Lackey-Gunther.

Synopsis:Prickle's got a new present, the Golden Iguana, but the Blockheads want to catch it, but
some problems are..uh..growing with it.

Iguanas dont' seem to make many appearances in many TV show episodes, [though they tend to have roles in many
horrific B movies whose music found its way into our green guy's franchise] but here they do, as another, prehistoric reptile's  pet--a dinosaur
[just TRYING to imagine Barney the dinosaur singing "I love love me" it without it going sick] [with appropriate, sadly un-I'd
Spanish background music playing as Prickle reads the note about it].

As Gumby, Pokey, Prickle, and Goo go to Prof.Kapp to consult on a per-
fect iguana diet, we look through the windows ans to familiar, devious heads--the Blockheads---peek in..After Kapp gives some food to the iguana
it starts to grow----with some very respectable and exemplary stop-motion clay animation as they go in Gumby's dune buggy/Jeep throughout the
country as they notice and try escaping the blockheads.

They find a place to hide behind a rock where the Blockheads can't see them or the iguana, now
growing more and more. But there IS an advantage, especially as the Blockheads are stone-blind
to what's going on with our six heroes (iguana included) .
Finally the Blockheads see their opportunity and kidnap the lizard but then it grows so big and so much that it scares off the Blockheads!
But now what? Well, it's reasoned, they can wait or one of them can take the Iguana food themselves and grow up as well, and that's it.
Some good close ups of Prickle's new pet iguana appear, along with Spanish-tinged guitar solos, that most likely came from Ole Georg's (John Seely's
successor in 1964) library.

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