Monday, February 16, 2015


Written & Directed by
Produced & Created by
Pokey/Prickle/Narrator(?)ART CLOKEY
Synopsis:Danger! Mad man on the loose to catch a dinosaur moving a "Beatle's" piano.
"When we last saw out friend Pickle, he was pursued by Dr.Zveege, the mad doctor who wanted him only for his
own sinister purposes" intones our narrator and that's what's happening, our evil scientist from "Prickle's Problem"
and "Hot Ice" with the Bela Dracula voice who wants Prickle.
Gumby, Pokey and Prickle are moving a Paul McCartney-looking pianist (named, coincidentally Paul!)'s piano.

He employs his cage but it misses and is gone for the rest of the short.

Pokey (who contrary to what Gumby told his drag queen auntie in "Gabby Auntie" that year CAN drive) then drives off with the piano
but the rope attatched to such breaks a few times, and now the wacked doctor climbs on top the next time the lanyard breaks,
and he crashes into the traffic just as it's discovered that he's up to his old tricks. "Bah" (as the scientist is fond of saying).
The same generally not quite identifiable music cues with an extra - Norma MacMillan as Gumby WHISTLING his "Sinbad Jr."(Singer)-derived
theme---not much of this happens (though of course, Bugs Bunny and Pink Panther cartoons have the theme heard a lot, and
Dawn Wells(?)  and Tina Louise on a final season "Gilligan's Island", "High Man on the Totem Pole"
do whistle the Gilligan theme-regarding the question mark, Dawn Wells never could really sing---how many times can you hear the Flintstones
or the I Love Lucy characters singing their theme?? There's even an eerie piano take on the Gumby theme, or leitmotif at the beginning under the
main title!) on tv or in cartoons generally.. 
A lot of silence, aptly, is heard to make it spooky as Dr.Z goes to work and the characters keep hearing strange noises.
Paul is based on the Beatle look, just right for the times, the 1960s, but it's the Sgt.Pepper era and he's sporting Rubber Soul, and even specifically resembling Paul THE BEATLE.
No English accent though.

From now on, all remaining episodes unless noted are from '67.

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