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Gold Rush Gumby (1967)




"Gumby theme"/PETE KLEINOW [opening]
"GM-592 Western Saloon"/IB GLINDEMANN
No music at all-(Most of Gumby, Pokey and Nopey driving)
"Light Movement"/PHIL GREEN (From Capitol S-??)(Gumby digging for and getting gold nugget)
"(?Indian Theme?)/SPENCER MOORE (from Capitol X series)(?)(We see our old pal the Chief of the Peskies with nasty toothache.)
No music for most of the episode till end
Light Movement/PHIL GREEN (repeat of above)
"repeat GM-592"/GLINDEMANN (Gumby,Pokey, and Nopey leaving cured Chief)
"Gumby eneding theme"/KLEINOW(?)

Originally broadcast:1967

Synopsis: The Peskies's chief's got an even "Peskier" toothache, and he's got the bandgades tying up
his head to prove it, and it's up to Dr.Gumby, Dentist and Golddigger (the mining type) to the rescue.

The Pesky Indians had been used for many years by the Clokey staff for many years and they feature them here..
as usual, they're friends. Meanwhile, the stfaff takes Pokey,Gumby, and the newly created dog who just says "No",
"Nopey", on a desert/mountaiun mining trip. the three, in Gumby's dune buggy or jeep,m stop to get a mother lode.

Gumby stars digging as Pokey jokes "If you don't stop by now, Gumby, you'll dig yourself all the way to China"!

But then Gumby:


They all then back away from the hole when, YIPES-Peskie indians, and they take Gumby to the Chief. He's not angry,
as he's a very close friend of Gumby, just his bad tooth. Gumby ties a rope between Pokey and the chief's loose tooth and it works,
but the chief's Alfred E.Neuman like gap makes him the laughingstock of the Indian Chief, who's not upset at Gumby does
the gold sacfrifice of the tooth in the gap. Now.."Chief SHINY Tooth" as one other Indian says...Now Gumby and the gang leave and wave
all of them especially the chief ("And remember Chief, keep smiling",possibly a reference to Mel Blanc's old radio "Happy Postman" on
the 1940s George Burns and Gracie Allen network radio show).

The famous Indian music heard in the middle is used for a pretty later episode the famous Indian cue whose actual composer, at least credited,
or title/description is STILL not known. The Clokey animators did a heap pretty-um task replicating for the Chief as potential and actual dentaL
patient of Dr.Gumby, the standard neckerchief 'round someone's head, when their tooth's acting up in those old shows,
is pretty easy to DRAW, but this is clay, and the animation of Pokey putting that
tooth out is ptetty good too. No background music generally used for of the short,though.. The open and end has been identified from a confidential mp3 source as Ib Glindemann's
GM 592 Western Saloon, also in Disneyland (Orange County, anyway) Frontierland as greeting music until aroud late 90s due to the rights (but aren't all of the
IG cues,m being later, still issued, or payment or other issues caused Disney Califronia to stop usiing that Western music for Frontierland, the banjo piece.)

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