Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Candidate for President

Originally Broadcast in syndication in 1966.
Produced, Written,Directed and Animated by
Photography by
Pokey/Prickle/TV an nouncer/Historical Figures/DALLAS McKENNON(?)

PLOT: Goo & Prickle want Gumby to run for President. For once, I don't appear in this..

In 1966, our heroes were sitting when Prickle and Goo, l;ooking at a presidential candidate with a collie who bears a very strong resemblance to Lassie,
Prickle (who sounds like radio character actor Mort Marhsall as Yak from TTV'S "Tennessee and Chumley" channelling fellow radio and movie character actor Ned Sparks) and Goo (looking more vertically upright in some of theese earlier third generation Gumby's than later ones of this bunch), decide to make a VERY unwilling Gumby president for 1966 (though 1968 was the NEXT presidential year--also Leap, Olympic, and 4-multiple final digit year. See? See how all this works out?) and melt into the various books (more than be said for :Siege of Boonesboro). First off they're at George Washington and take that trip through the Potomac river.. Goo (who can take a microphone, though not, as Prickle has asked, shorthand--so she says) and Prickle are the actual stars here, despite Gumby being the one that this trip is for, and take a trip through the books of Abe Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson before their final one: Teddy Rosevelt. Prickle and Goo then help them and "suggest" the famed comments of the presidents, a la author Robert Lawson's Ben and Me [which became a 1953 DIsney film].
Toosevelt tells them his famous "Speak softly" and carry-you know. Geo.Washington, Tom Jefferson, Abe Lincoln...and Teddy Bear! [Oh well. three out of four aint' bad. Hey, aren't those 70s songs by Fleetwoot Mac and Meat Loaf respectively?]
Anyway, when they're home, I'm like calling the important artifacts "props for some comedian"..
One of several with guitar plucks before the theme.Goo's look has changed through out, making it a major transistion [thanks to "Hey Steve", member at IAD forums where I mas well]...

Usually Prickle (who several voices were disucssed earlier in this bog) had a more "Paul Lynde-happy" type voice, or :"Alan Sues"(gay in both the "homosexual" and "happy" senses if you want to make an analogy) but he talks with a different voice..Goo is a bit different looking than some later ones, so this has to be one of the earliest..the obscure authors Michaelson and Kaplan in their 1986 book "Gumby" don't list this one with an apostophe which would have marked this, like the laters ones, a direction effort of Pete Klienow and RayPeck, but instead of Art Clokey.


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wiley207 said...

I think Art Clokey was actually the voices of Pokey and Prickle in this one. Prickle did sound a little similar to his late 1980s voice, just without the electric fan-like reverb :P
Dal McKennon was most likely the whiny/"gay"-sounding Prickle.