Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Mysterious Fires

Prtoduce,d Writte, voices and Directed by
Gumby voice
"Light Movemebnt EM-10-7D"/PHIL GREEN Gumby showing off, kngiht approacheth
"Clockwork Clowns"/PHIL GREEN [Gumby showing off his new 1957 Fire truck]
"ZR 109A Medival Fanfare"/GEORGE HORMEL [king explains dilemna-wheat burning]
"Fire"/JACK SHAINDLIN [dragon breathing fire][not to be confused with the earlier cue]
unknown?/PHI GREEN [Gumby corners Dragon, Dragon starts crying tears, king, draogn and Gumby making up by making the dragona  favorite pet]
'unknown" End
PLOT: Gumby's got a dragon on his hands burning fire.
Gumby going in the middle ages was one of the big go to plot devices, so was fire trucks (if not trains) to solve problems, Here we got the Middle Ages and fire trucks, with GUmby's 1956-57 higher pitched voice. a Knight,
who has a voice that in its reuse in the 1959 Columbia Pictures Three Stooges "Have Rocket will Travel" is credited by Jeff and Greg Lenburn and Joan Muaurer [3 Stooge Scrapbook, '
'82] as by eventually CLokey stalwart Dallas McKennon, but J.Lenburg is notirously not that reliable,
and the Gumby knight is a pretty early character before Dallas McK was starting to
appear [though he's already heard in Walter Lantz, Disney and even in one Warner Speedy Gonazles, "Tortilla FLaps"],
and neither seems to have any animation credits.
Opening, after a DRAMATIC D series cue [see above] suitable for Fire and used as such in "Night of the Living Dead"
[and beas no relaiton to the later cue in this-Capitol and Shaindlin had lots of Fire cues] The knight and Gumby to the
 former's era, the middle ages, where he finds cyring, impoverished villagers. Why are they so sad? Well, says the king, something
 burns their wheat.and Gumby gets the word of a dragon

So telescope user fireman, etc.Gumby look, reports a dragon and then approches over and puts it out. The dragon then defends itself ina veyr gay voice [HEY! I am so not
making that up!] Gumby finally gets the repitalian crybaby to agree to be the king's favorite pet.
The knight keeps hitting his head.....thsi was maybe one of the first self contained episodes before hte major redesign of the clayboy's eyes..followed by "THe Black Knight".
The open titles have fiery animation with a good chioice of the Capitol HiQ library at the opening.

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Anonymous said...

I've always loved that crybaby dragon, along with the music choices. The "Huckleberry Hound" fanfare when the drawbridge lowers is EM-147 MAIN TITLE DOCUMENTARY by Phil Green. Kinda unusual hearing a music cue H-B typically used back then on Gumby!
When Gumby is scolding the dragon, you hear "Toyland Burglar," also by Green. In fact, this has a lot of Phil Green music!
I also did a comparison of this short, combining the original soundtrack with the inferior 1988 soundtrack, where the dragon has an even gayer voice!