Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Dopey Nopey

"Dopey Nopey"
Gumby,Nopey?/NORMA MacMILLAN
Narrator/ART CLOKEY?
Nerdy kid/DICK BEALS?
Music not confirmed, entirely..

Oriignal Airdate 1968

This would fit in the latter category. Hopey runs around Pokey. He then knocks off "Pokey's" [nee: the little abovementioned boy's] glasses.
"One day, a little boy lost his glasses. The very NEXT day....those same glasses were picked up by Gumby's goodpal POKEY---who DECIDED
to try them on." So there hangs this story..After the above, Nopey-Gumby's dog comes running in. Many of these used a lot of activity, many lots of dialogue.
Pokey mentions the episode's title:"Dopey Nopey"."You Dopey Nopey"

Pokey then chases Nopey around and then they chase each other around like a couple of idiots.

 Gumby says aloud: "All this for a pair of glasses." Pokey insists that it's because, you see, "glasses make your smart". Gumby tries to tell him that
glasses and smartness are mutually exclusive. Porky and Nopey then continue to chase each other like Snoopy chasing Linus in the Peanuts strip for Linus;s security tool,
then runs into the very same boy who had lost them at the outset.. [Can't tell exactly who's doing the voice here, Beals or MacMillan.]
HGumby then skates outside then discover the kid and that the kid's the owner, then restores the glasses to him, explaining things to Pokey and Nopey.
The kid stasrts reciting Hamlet. "To be...or Not to be"..(D.Beals?) Nopey gives his standard "Nope'!
The title has a somewhat tenous connection to the episode, but anyway it shows the unqiue character development of this..I wonder if Clokey was the narrator in these..
The opening stock cue is very catchy, though it's not used elsewhere in the series. It has a xylophone and piano under (Clokey's) narration. Authors Louis Kaplan and Scott Michaelson's 1986 book on the franchise, and sadly the only one,
calls this the last of the series.

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