Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Black Knight

Prodcer/writer/director/possible voices(?))/ART CLOKEY
Animators, set,s UNKNOWN
Music cues:
Gumby theme/LOOSE-SEELY
unknown Medievil fanfare/unknown
"Puppetry-Comerdy"/PHIL GREEN
dramnatic eerie tune/PHIL GREEN
"ZR-53 Comedy Mysteroso"/GEORGE HORMEL
"The Tin Dragooons GRE=457"/PHIL GREEN
"The Toyland Burglar"/PHIL GREEN
"Clockwork Clowns"/{HIL GREEN
(All of the GREEN sel;ections arte from a suite entitled, "KIddie COmedy Suite")
"ZR-109A Medieval Fanfare"/HOMREL-MOORE
Originally aired on NBC.
PLOT: Now we know WHY that baby draogn didn't MEAN to burn the medievl WHEAT. so Joust for fun, we get to see a Joust.
Gumby's forays into the Medieval scheme of things started rather early with stuff like this. This may be one of the first times Dal McKennon does a voice here; it's the knight (the good one; listen to
1959's "Three Stooges movie "Have Rocket, WIll Travel" to the unicorn for possdible confirmation). This is similiar to "Mysterious Fires" but seems a short unto itself like ater episodes.
Gumby is playing by himself (NO pervert thought, deviant art guys!) with an erector (ahem) set hwen a knight comes by, with tyhe gum one suddenly magnetizing tyhe armour off the knight, who then expains that a dragon's been
burning the wheat, thanks to a witch putting a mahic spell, as per an order of the Black Knight (no withc shows up, tohugh!) Journeyed into the dark forest and coming upon said knight, Gumby, asking hoim
feebly to stop, then gets him to agree to a joust the next afternoon with the whiote knight. Gumby delivers a bit of "English"..ahem..with his erector set andf getting the knight on, with the dragon in attendance.
Gumby decides to use his erector set that he'd brought along just flor the occaison (NATCH!) and magnetizes
 the BAD knight,wkins, rides on dragon with good knightr, and white knight hists hiw cabasa.
A companion film to "Mysterious Fires".
Soundtrack muisc starts and ends with George Hormel but seems largely made up of Phil Green compositions, all from the EMI PHOTOPLAY 45 rpm Kiddie Comedy Suite
, and used a lot on US and UK shows (Hanna Barbera,too!) but Capitol and John Seley simply retited them (for inststance, looking at anone on collecr Grahame Newton's AUstralian site, what seems to be "ClockWork Clowns" is the one on L-27/28 titled "EM-132A-6/8 rhythm". That disc also has "Bush Baby" (in Gumby, heard in both
"Of Clay and Critters" and "TOo Loo",refquently on "Augie Doggie"), as "8-EM-149 COMEDY MOVEMENT".

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