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Odd Ball/Outcast Marbles

Producer, Director, Writer:

Narrator [a book!]?/Unknown yet, possibily Clokey

Later syndication Opening titles: "Original Gumby open"/WILLIAM LOOSE

Intro: "Cute Walker Med.Temp."/JACK COOKERLY, WILLIAM LOOSE, EMIL CADKIN [Capitol PMS series]

Gumby in the steam shovel, picking up marbles: "Domestic C-2"/WILLIAM LOOSE [Capitol/Seely library]

Picking more marbles, then spinning around in his steam shovel, then sliding into the book, till the book talks:"Monorail SF-4"/JACK BELASCO [Synchro-Fox Library]

Book starts to tell story:"Domestic C-7"/WILLIAM LOOSE [Capitol/Seely library]

Marbles coming out of book: "Pleasant Neutral Walker"/EMIL CADKIN, WILLIAM LOOSE, & JACK COOKERLY [Capitol PMS series]

Marbles then cuddle up to Gumby:"Comedy Cuey JB-21?"/EMIL CADKIN & WILLIAM LOOSE [Capitol]

Gumby goes to change them:unknown music

Gumby gets in book, marbles rock boat: "Animation/Nautical L-1121"/SPENCER MOORE [Capitol]

Gumby and marbles fly toward book, our hero tries to turn handle of music box to find SOMETHING, just SOMETHING, to change them back:"Zany Comedy TC-303"/WILLIAM LOOSE & JOHN SEELY [Capitol]
/Lullabye nursery box music, "Jingle Bells" [unknown arr.playing over previoously mentioned]

Gumby gets into train to go aorund the toy store, to make sounds to restore shape of the marbles "Light Movement ZR-46"/GEORGE HORMEL [Zephyr Records]

Gumby points to marbles when seeing a toy box:"Pleasant Neutral Walker"/EMIL CADKIN, WILLIAM LOOSE, & JACK COOKERLY [Capitol PMS series]

Gumby pushing the toys off the box to get a sound:"Sinsiter Suite"/PHILIP GREEN [EMI Photoplay Library]

"accidental Rube Goldberg" chain reaction of toy
avalanche: "Sinister Suite Long Version"[At least that's like what it's called in CARLIN PRODUCTION MUSIC SITE on PLAY and APM anyway]/PHILIP GREEN

Everything fianlly sotpped, and marbles turning back
to normal: "Sinister Suite [short bridge or part again of longer one]"/PHILIP GREEN [EMI Photoplay Library]

Book thanking Gumby for restoring the status quo with the marbles so they're now regular again, and then places them in the book: "Entertainment Link 6"/JACK COOKERLY, WILLIAM LOOSE,& EMIL CADKIN [Capitol PMS series]

End title: "Gumby Adventure End"/WILLIAM LOOSE

PLOT: Gumby finds two lost clay "notes" that he has to restore to their normalcy.

NOTE: "Sinister Suite" and "Entertainemnt Link" are renamed titles in the CARLIN library.This has most of the cues in this short.

This epsiode tries to make an unusual story out of Hershey Kiss-looking marbles, and succeeds. Broken down into "Outcast marbles" short version missing the footage of the green guy going to different places in the toy store", and "Odd Ball" with the remainder of the film, in ealry 60s, this has the green guy operating a steam shovel when he loses control, and then causes it to turn around. Stepping out, with all the marbles falling out of the shovel, Gumby now slides on the, into a book entitled "The outcast marbles", with two marbles, red and blue [and this was in Black and White teleivison era!], and into an odd adventures. After getting hit by the book, Gumby the walks away when the book suddenly talks and he, uh, skates over.

The book tells of the two little marbles who lost their shape and turned into various shapes. Namely, our new heroes. They come out of the book and Gumby's now gotta go and try to [in what is now "Odd Ball" till further notice] change them by virtue of various sounds found throughout the toy story, back, going to a rowboat and to a train,. and finally, [end of "Odd Ball" scenes] a toy box with a lot of toys.

Gumby tries to push them up to get one, but then enters a case of sheer serendipity: an accidental Rube Goldberg effect where ALL of the toys in succesion fall off through the store and then all crash.This does bring our toy geusts stars back, and Gumby puts them back in the book, who then thanks him for "helping us to end our story happily".

Gumby then just smiles into the camera as [fade then unfade] a bunch of marbles roll up to spell "The End".

Apparently this may have been done to do something like "Too Loo", which had two talking music notes also needing some help. This is almost entirely pantomime, except for the book talking. It could possibly be producer/creator Art Clokey, given his playing different characters and telling stores, doing this voice. The middle was removed to become "Odd Balls", the same thing that happened to all the early shorts....unless they were cut in two different parts like some others.

The background music was largely from Capitol production music except for the open,from Syncro Fox, a pleasant little tune titled "Monorail" by composer JACK BELASCO, SF-4 in Capitol library, heard also in the series's "Rain Spirits", and near the end PHILLIP GREEN's cue retitled by CARLIN in CARLIN CAS 402 DRAMA DETECTIVE cassette as "Sinister Suite". I have no idea what the original title is.

BTW ALL the "Box of toys/Gumby pushing toys off" music is now identified [as it's called in the CARLIN PRODUCITON MUSIC SITE,in MAIN SITE: CAR 402 DRAMA DECTECTIVE SUSPENSE as "Sinister Suite", over half a dozen variations.] by PHILIP GREEN.So that's been identified.

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