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The later 1960s Gumby title character voice..

As of October 25,2009, I have returned...and now here's the next article..
GUMBY played by who in late 60s?

Ask anyone knowledgable about the classic TV subject nad of animation lore who Gumby was in the 60s and they might answer Dallas McKennon [who left us earlier this year.] BUT ask someone who was the voic eof the late 60s Gumby - the boyish one - and the name they give, well, it's what the voice was NOT of Gumby, and NEVER was [though he's heard quite a lot for Art Clokey on the show nand on "Davey and Goliath!" He'd started as Spedy Alka Selzter in the TV world of 50s after working on Chicago radio [went to Hollywood in 1952-Charles Hillinger, LOS ANGELES TIMES, 1992]. WAS Speedy A. in the 1980s "Clay animaiution festival" flick, with Dallas McKennon as Gumby and Art Clokey as Pokey, thus causing confusion.] Okay, this guy is NOT Gumby but did a loyal amount of voice work in the show:
Richard Beals.
heard in many productions.But--important-- he ain't heard in these later episodes---the 1967-68 ones---at least not as Gumby--so who was it? Why, Sweet Polly Purebred herself--NORMA McMILLAN [1921-2001]. The voice of various female New York City based Leonardo TTV produced shows like Underdog's Sweet Polly [to Underdog's Wally Cox] and ofg Gumby's girlfriend Goo, McMillan, also Davey [..and Goliath] and the TV Casper, is often mistaken for other actors, yet is steadily gaining long overdue recognition as the final [prior to that 80s revival] Gumby voice. You know, in the episodes with Prickle and Goo.

Next, I may offer my conjecture as to the DOUR voice of Prickle the yellow Dinosaur [clokeyasaurues claysaurus friendlysaurus rexasuarues] from these episodes ["Hare-raising adventure","Goildne Iguana", "The magic Flute', or "Behind the Puff Ball," which game him his name [thank you, Mr.Alan Watts!] NOT the slightly "whiny but borderline happy" one in others]. He's not the usual Dal McKennon, Art Clokey, as fas as I know..stay tooned [yech..thanks Roger Rabbit for that term!:)]

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