Thursday, October 8, 2009

Gabby Auntie

Original Broadcast in

Produced, and allegedly for such a later short, written & directed by:


Open "Original Gumby theme"/PETE KLIENOW

Titles following and establing shot "Cinnamon Stick"/"FRANK STERLING" [collective psued.] nee DENNIS BERRY and STUART CROMBIE [in the Southern Library, now Bruton as #25? in "The Worst of Times"; it originally appeared in Peer Southern Library of Rec.Mus.SLLP 1]]["Ren and Stimpy" used other cues by them, and maybe this one as well]

Aunt Gumbitty talking,"Comedy Timepiece"/ARTHUR HAROLD WILKINSON [Peer Southern SLLP 13]

Pokey walks; still unknown [CONRAD LEONARD?]

"Rustic March"/JOHNNY SCOTT [Peer Southern SLLP 15]

Gumby and his aunt get stuck in trees - "Capering Clowns"/MAX SAUNDERS [still available! Bruton, Best of times #23 AND in BRU356/BRO20/BR4/#8][Peer Southern SLLP 15]

Gumby getting into boat [compare this scene with the dino bone in "A Bone for Nopey"]/"Danger, Melting Ice"/VINCENT HOLLAND

Gumby getting in speedboat to the point where's he's in the air and then catches Pokey "Chase Me Chester"/ROGER ROGER
[Peer Southern SLLP 13.]

Gumby spilled by plane into his car, thus waking pokey up and crossfade to next scene with them and gumby Auntie Gumbitty in car - more unknown music

Final cue-"Comedy Timepiece"/ARTHUR H.WILKSON - from Southern Library.

End title - Theme msuic/P.KLEINOW

PLOT: Pokey walks in his sleep out rather than listen to GUmby's cvhattery auntie, to drive Gumby's old automobile. That'll show 'em!

A favorite of mine where Pokey kind of shows how talk may be kinda chepa. Sounding more like a Ren and Stimpy short to some for the specific cues, all of which wound up in BRUTON LIBRARY apparently coincidentally, being from different libaries, Pokey and Gumby spend time with Gumby's chattering aunt who looks like a campy drag queen take on the Gumster (and sounds like Julia Child). He then trots in their sleep out to Gumby's old Yellow Ghost Rolls Royce [RICH guy, that Gumby!! Must be all that money, he made] and now it's up to Gumby and his aunt to catch them. Driivng off to a stock bugle cue, Gumby and his aunt get stuck between two palm trees, so, Gumby borrows a hovercratf and takes off after the still sleep driving horse to the strains of Roger Roger, then a la Dick Van Dyke and Sally Ann Howes and the gang in "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" next year, take to the air, then bails out! Wakinjg the horse up, Gumby, Pokey and his aunt are now riding along and as mentioned in cue sheet, Gujmby's aunt Gumbiktty starts chatting. The clip clip vibe cue is slightly similair to my eyes to Philip green's "Light Mechanical EM-115A" cue in the Warner Brothers 1958 shorts "Gopher Broke" and "A Bird in a Bonnett" that used some of this stock music due to a 1958 musicians strike.On a sidenote, on Soulseek, from an anonymous contributor, I got the file that follows Cinnamon Stick, it's A.H.Wilkson's Comedy Timepiece.[see above]. Apparently ALL of the needledrop music came from this British music library, whose popular US hits would be "Winchester Cathedral","Mockingbird Hill" and others. UPDATE: A couple of file sharing downloads to Southern Peer Music files have led to ID's of a couple of those tunes, by some more unsung compsoers-- A.H.Wilkinsons's "Comedy Timepiece", the only cue repeated in the above, and Vincent Holland's urgent "Danger! Melting Ice", which sounds likes like the title for a "Clutch Cargo" cheapie toon cue. That's the first one NOT to start with the letter "C".:)

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