Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mirrorland/Lost & Found

Aired circa 1956.
Producer, writer, designer, director, possibly voice of Gumby lookalikes:


"Gumby syndication theme" for post 1950s:/LOOSE-SEELY

"JB-213 1920s's Tunes"/CADKIN and LOOSE, from Capitol 73-74.[MIrrorlanmd part only]

"Lost and Found" opening "Fashion-Foxtrot 4-C-11"/LOOSE
[Capitol Records]

Gumby going outside ;"OK-357 Light Scherzo" now known as "Bicycle ride" in the current CARLIN PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE library/JACK COOKERLY, EMIL CADKIN, & BILL LOOSE

Gumby going for a ride with a tough guy in a steam shovel [e/"Peach Gold" by PHIL GREEN from Capitol Light Melodic Selections!

Losing coin [in Mirrorland short] "TC-300 Eccentric"/BILL LOOSE-JOHN SEELY

Going inside to see first, upside down lookalike "L-1144 Animation Light/SPENCER MOORE

Gumby inside the next mirror-"Thin chance of that"-"Animation/Light L-1090"/SPENCER MOORE

Gumby going inside the next mirror, the one with short, fey "If it rolled in here" double-"Animation Light L-1119"/SPENCER MOORE

Gumby outside once again, all sad and forlorn, sitting down now-unknown music

Getting inside the final one with correct looking deadringer only going backwards, unknown music for Mirrorlsnd, PG-275 "Daffodil Yellow"/PHIL GREEN for "Lost and Found"

Walking backwards, some unknown music, possibly a LOOSE cue

Going into the double's car "Asinine"/JACK SHAINDLIN [Langlois-CineMusic FilmMusic]

Going backwards with everything going backwards with them-two or three unkwn tracks

Gumby finally retrieving his coin-"Mirrorland" two EMIL CADKIN-BILL LOOSE "JB 215"- cues, ---For "Lost and Found"--one is used and for "Mirrorland" another.

Concludes with the usual show theme.

PLOT:Gumby in the first of MANY Lewis Carroll lands, to get a quarter that he is supposed to spend.

If any perfect story could be woven around's the old Alice in Wonderland/Lewis Carroll one, one that would be mined for nearly every episode..Gumby's taking a coin to get some milk and bread for hit mother, only on his "ride" with a creep, but only to lose it and to go through a wide array of mirrors, one rendering him upside down, another a bit on the skinny side, still another giving Gumby the stubby treatment and one [also incorporating some film from In a Fix/Train Trouble in its shorter 1960s version] where he traces back his moves, all with matching doubles]

Gumby walks through strange mirrors whose images appear [with Capitol Production Music's "Spencer Moore Animation Lite" cues from L-23/24 as described above]..

The last takes him backwards [with Gumby acting as mechanic??] and then into a dump truck which [IIRC in both version, the Mirrorland and shorter Lost and found, whichever one was the longer originally, dumps sand on our hero, causing him to - holy serendipity, to retrive his money, then to the respective end titles.

This is one of creator Clokey's own personal favorites I've heard. Film footage definitely's shared by both epsiodes, differing very greatly in music--the p;art that adds yet another Gumby short--in the MUCH later reissue--in the shorter version of "Lost and Found"--with the "Train Trouble" footabge, with much chunkier but normal sized Gumby--has the "Light Melodic 13" cue on Schadenfruedian [Ange] Therapy and used elsewhere in Gumby, in "Even Stevens", and in producer Jerry Fairbanks' 1962 "Century 21 Calling". I honesty don't know what this short originally was called, but it was probaly the first of these Carroll/Alice shorts ["Magic Show","Of Clay and Critters' and others were just as few other examples.]

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