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Gumby Business

Producer,Writer, Director:

Gumby theme/B.LOOSE (when show opens)
Unknown, but probaly G.Hormel or Bill Loose (Gumby cranking out the title in clay through one of those old-fashioned Clay things)
"Pleasant Neautral Walker"/JACK COOKERLY, BILL LOOSE, EMIL CADKIN (from OK Records)(panning up to Gumby's digs in toystore)
"ZR-42 Light Movement"/GEORGE HORMEL (from Capital "L-4 METROPOLITAN MOVEMENT" HI-Q)(Gumby and Pokey approaching the wondrous toys that await that)
"ZR-42A Light Movement"/GEORGE HORMEL(This and all similiar are from the above)(Gumby and Pokey looking at the toys)
"ZR-43A Light Movement"/GEORGE HORMEL (the entire toy "sampling")
"TC-205 Light (or, if you wish, "Western") Movment"/JOHN SEELY, DAVID ROSE (contractually uncredited), and BILL LOOSE (from Capitol "L-2 Comedy-Animation"Hi-Q)(Pokey tries Gumball)
"ZR-44 Light-Showbiz"/GEORGE HORMEL (the gumball and train scenes)
"ZR-45 Metropolitan"/GEORGE HORMEL (the train and the rest of the episode)
"Gumby Close"/LOOSE
Originally shown:1956-57
Synopsis: Gumby and Pokey get iunvolved with a doll, a trombone, a gumball machine and a train, all in a toystore.
Toy stores had figured a lot in Gumby shorts, even as the personal digs, even if BRIEFLY (check 1955-56's "Toy Crazy"'s opening scene).
This shows the kind of toy-based world that the show often was built around, and the wordless capers..and sometimes with no real moving or plotline. This was part of a longer film along with "Toy Fun" after it (provable
to anyone who's taken the the time to see both, in successive order especially!). A pan, especially an openming pan, might not spell Gumby, but opening one does. We get,
with Clokey taking us up to Gumby's Place. The top of a toy shelf. Gumby wakes up, does the usual get up stretch, then comes down with Pokey. The two go to a trombone whose music blows Pokey across the Room. Gumby walks right
over and goes to a baby doll, press it, and gets blown in his face by it. All the time, the camera looks straight down at the boys.
George Hormel's cues, part of the ones that dominate this, play as now, with Seely-Loose's Western Tinged (but
not so-named)"Light Movement TC-205" playing right after as Pokey puts in his money in a gumball machine, and gets some guballs, and then Gumby tries but has to go in, and then climb out when the
gunballs roll a few feet away. Gumby decides to forget the gumballs and he and Pokey skate and trot, respectively, over to the toy railroad tracks.
Pokey walks offstage but then Gumby goes to the tracks, is almost stuck, but then
steps out JUST as the train is COMING, arches himself high above the Lionel or Marx train,
and the train can go underneath, and Gumby can now go as Pokey trots out (and "Toy Fun" begins).
Unlike the next one, :Toy Fun", Geordie Hormel music from "METROPOLITAN MOVEMENT", Hi-Q L-4, Capital, 1956, is dominant.
"Toy Fun", which continues where this one left off, is more "upbeat" and has more mix of composers represented for those waiting for much more..
(thanks to Yowp, the late Daws Butler Jr.aka EarlKress,Judgebear69,ewtc for music info,
and Wiley207 for the train info.

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