Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hope for another DVD set (with MORE restored shorts)

A few years ago-----as many may recall-----Classic media put out "Gumby Essentails".
'It had 1980s shorts, but also restored (long unseen) versions with authenic soundtracks, and most importantly oriiginal lengths, of origiinal shorts. They were
Too Loo
Robot Rumpus
Rain Spirits
Gumby Racer
Gumby Crosses the Delaware
Ricochet Pete
Moon Trip and a few others. Hopefully the soundtrack rights CAM
get cleared up (I hope..I hope) so more can be released.

I'm hoping for
Haunted Hotdsog
Northland Follies
Foxy Box
Eggs and Trixie
Of Clay and Critters,espeically.

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