Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Things that wrecked the 1988 revival

Back for one of the most neeeded posts to this or any other blog about 1950s-60s [or earlier] franchise...[not to mention to a much lesser extent, later, see fourth paragraph after this sentence.]

In the 1980s, when the Gumby series was revived, times and television had longed changed... background music type tastes, the situaitons for the characters,
etc. were examples of this.

But this served as an excuse to actually screw things up even more. In 1987, when the newly resusicated Clokey/Premavision [as
called by then] company had decided to renew the series, they made Gumby and firends into rock stars called The Gumby
's, completely changed parts of the designs of them [blue "fish" critter "Goo", especially, making herr vertical standing, instead of horizontal posing],
and even the underscore music, even for the newer episode,s due to the now familiar legal issues regarding the 1950s and 1960s-vintage music beds
already discussed here before, had all suffered as a result. [The music changing, for legal issues, also unfortunagtle yincluded sound effects and voices,
except for "Trapped on the Moon", as fellow fan Wiley207 has pointed on YouTube.]

In addition, this had also included longer episodes, adding unneccesary characters [a kid sister? a wolly mammoth?] and others.

Even crappy characters popular at the time like Strawberry Shortcake [as of June 2008] and others got a makeover, and I don't even
CARE for such stuff. John Kricfalusi's
excellent blog post here
made that clear ["The Science of not haivng his own ideas"].

The famed "Ren and Stimpy" mastermind also links to a news article, also from June 2008, that links to this issue of
"something with no integrity to being with", changed even more.(see link).

Unfortuntately, a movie was amde that gave Gumby a girlfriend Tara [who what's Goo? Chopped liver? Only I love that stuff]
-in "Gumby 1" [1995].

So now instead of significant adventures of Gumby going through books and stuff with well acted, and sounding soundtracks, were redone, and augmented
with longer, and generally, more "updated" adventures, that continued the 14-15 year old persona started in the 1960s but without the imagination..invention...
or ingenuity [all of this is just in my own humble opinion, of course] of the originals.

This is also, needless to point out now, by 2002 extended to the Rhino DVD releases titled "Gumby: 7 Disc set",
though Classic Media has restored these and released at least one ["The Gumby Essentials", the sole volume so far as of 2011[
with restored episodes 50s-60s, "Tree
Trouble","Too Loo","Rain Spirits","Robot Rumpus", and others, plus some 80s ones.

So now, we have gone to having the original soundtracks, but only for a handful so far [the DVD was released around 2006].

All of the above, of course, just my humble opinion [but the Jack C.Cookerly/Emil Cakdin/Bill Loose cues that APM used to have through CARLIN have been for a while removed...

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