Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Well, folks, it loks like's DMGI's done it..

The p;eople who uploaded GUMNBY episodes seem to have removed them, though thbey still have the rights to the Holiday Speicals with the characters. ["Daniel Boone","Gigantor" and others were controlled by DMGI..]


Yowp said...

Gumby? Here you go, Steve. Mystery solved:

Listen to cue 34.

You can thank Bryan for the link.

Now I don't have to try to play these off an old cassette any more (I taped bed Nos. 23 to 34 years ago. 23 also has two short tag versions; I'm sure the others did, too).


Pokey said...

Yowp..:) I've already been there as of July 3-41 Also identified most fromn 23-29 were all cues on "Zoops", 30 was the main theme for "Groobee, and a rare Gumby--"Foxy Box"

Steve aka Pokey..