Saturday, June 13, 2009

A COUPLE of Things-The stock Cues and Dal McKennon

If you want to know about the canned music on this as used in Hanna-Barbera, anothjer fellow's site this is a good resource.

The Pokester.

And as of August 2009, Dal McKennon, the voices of the characters in many short,s passed away. He was in shorts from everything from later Lantz shorts to the relaly awful Filmation Archie shows, which had his short lived Gumby unsped voice. Also in many Disneyland attractions and even in at least on one of Looney Tunes, a Speedy Gonzales called "Torilla Flaps".

Heard in many Disney records, and in Sam Singer cartoons ["Sinbad Jr.", though uncredited,] and in a small company, A&A's "Q.T.Hush".

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Yowp said...

Thanks for the nice note, Steve. All I've been doing is breakdowns of the cues I recognise; the blog is more about the cartoons but people have an interest in the music so I'm doing breakdowns. The early Yogis and Hucks are easy; the Augie and Quick Draw ones are difficult because I don't recognise a lot of the music.

The site has also linked to some Green cues that are on the net and recently to one side of some of the Hormel pieces.

It'd be nice if someone could direct me to copies of the music from some of the Capitol Hi-Q discs. And I'm always hunting for the Shaindlin material.

You might want to link to the production page that has all that Green stuff from the Capitol Media Music library.

For fun, you should try doing a music breakdown of one of your Gumbys.