Monday, June 1, 2009


This is a hopefully, brief, review of the 2002 set.
Without even buying it, I know, from the elements which i've heard are on,
that it sucks. Due to the familiar situation [soundtrack licenciing rights],
the 1987 synthesiser score byh "Jerry Gerber" was installed on the 1980s remakes
of Gumby shows and used here. Happily, creator Art Clokey and son managed to relicense the music for a small number of shorts, and as I've mentioned, CARLIN, especially and other firms have more and more started to carry this stuff, including the long unavaible cues of William Loose, Jack Cookerly and some others. Anyway, the shorts ARE, in order, the n1950s-60s ones in original order, and longer versions, but the need to stil, use the more legally avaible and cheaper 1980 synth soundtracks louses it [but the 1980s shows with ME, Gumby and the gang in an amateur[ish] band have to take the ckae--none of the 1980s ones, on other collections, are on this, but the legally mandated resoundtracking in 1988 doesn't make it much better, either].Rhino released this colleciton. Since then CLASSIC MEDIA have the rights.

SPEAKING of which....:)!

For a MUCH more recent
and satisfactory colection go HERE:

If you REALLY want the revisiionist soundtracks, are a masochist [JUST kidding!] or need to hear what the redone tracks were like..:rolleyes:
go HERE:

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