Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Scrooge Loose

Produced, written, and directed by ART CLOKEY
Music unknown, see below
PLOT: Gumby and Pokey's trying to find Scrooge.
Gumby episodes sometimes had mixtures of role playing (biggest kinship here ris Henry and Rodgy segment "Dragon Witch").
The use of Gumby playing several characters together also unclue going into medieval times, the future, and such with a fire truck as a fireman'or with a
Lionel Locomotive as an engineer also playing others at the time time in the same story. This is one of them, and then some..
Gumby didn't usually do Cristmas (most early TV shows did) but several times, did, with unusual results..THis is one..
Some very odd seasinal stock music are
Scrooge stories usually had the ghosts of Christmases usually, and Gumby and Pokey had Scrooge in this, but with  no Jacob Marley/time ghosts.Instead
Gumby and Pokey are playing Holmes/Watson,m trying to catch Scrooge, no "Fezziwig/Tiny Tim/Isabella" setup, just "Scroioge was the mewanest man who ever lived", then
the humbug explanation, and they try to go after scrooge. By gloing into various books (did that trope show up in Gumby often
or did that trope show up in Gumby often??), Scrooge, and his famous pursuers from elsewhere in Brit 19th literature melded with Art Clokey's brilliant mind go through various seasonal
locales.  This way, Gumby and Pokey can:
1) chase Scrooge thru a toy top and western setting;
2)fall and and get scruynched like clay cow road-apples
3)do the "wake up" it common here with one character (Gumby) poking me, that's right kids, Poking Pokey (A-HEM, Gumby!)
4)get through the Norht Pole. Oh yeah. My clay dough master Gumby then dresses like Roy Rogers (like Henry the bear in  Clokey's "Dragon Witch")_
then chase scrooge inside Santa's workshop
5)Gumby gets Scooge and puts him into Santa's spare bag.
6) Santa grabs THAT back, which Gumby and yours truly realise before chasing outside.
So finally now to "We Wish you a Merry Christmsas"
Some can get the Christmas party started. (Howe about it, Pink?) Gumby sand Pokey cna only celebratew a merry December Dopey;s Day.
I have no clue (GUmby/.Sherlock,anyone) as to whsoe stock music themes are used but it seems like Hecky Krasnow's, since iit's similiar to the Augie Doggie "Hoppy Cobbler".
However Specer Moore or Phil Green just as could have. Playing Gumby, Roy Roger and SHerlock as an osdd task, for Gumby and the shortlived Henry the bear.
Merry Christmas..

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