Saturday, July 14, 2012

RIP Ginny Tyler, 19??-2012

Yowp's blog has reported that my goood pal Gumby's early voice died (though I wasn't sure if she had ttill nearly a halfd hour later when I reread the blog.) She playted many females on Gumby and even a few Warner cartoons ["West of the pesos" with Speedy Gonzales in a more apt pairing with Sylvester before he;d got cast with a certain black duck and "Strangled Eggs" with Foghorn leghorn, henry Hawk and Miss Prissy the Widow Hen]. A California native transplated to seattle, Ginny's life is best done justice by the blog above, which I mentioned., Oh, and did I tell you she was at Hanna-Barbera on Yogi Bear earlier in 1958 and in  "The Flinstones" with Nancy Wible, who also played Gumby sas well, as two bimbo carhops. And she played countless animals.. And the witch who Henry Bear and Rodgy Bird at Clokey have to rescue from a sub-Frank Nelson-like smartass dragonn [the description of the dragon's voice is what I pictured him].."Dragon Witch", where Rodgy is reluctant and unncooperative to saved the witch, sand the witches and ladies in other easrly Gumbys? THat was Ginny. She was also in some kids shows of the early 50s and even hosted the syndicated Mickey Mosue Cluib of the 1960s [yeah, so what's this Lisa Welchel or Britney Spears? We mean the Annette"meeska Mooska" Funicello one. That was Ginny Tyler,too.]]

Birthdate has been confusing, 1930, 1925 [Yowp's blog mentioned that] and 1932, on one of the blogs Yowp linked to based in Seattle.Read hid blog for more Tyler credits.

 Besides Ginny, Janet Waldo, Doug Young and Nancy Wible came from the Seattle area.So, agian, RIP.

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Believe it or not, Ginny Tyler was also in the 1988 revival series, as the voice of Gumby's younger sister Minga. Of course she was uncredited (they only credited Dallas MacKennon as the voice coach, in addition to him reprising the roles of Gumby, Professor Kapp, King Ott and many other incidental male characters.)