Monday, February 22, 2010

Finally, more Loose-Cookerly-Cadkin music available

Over the last year, I've seen Carlin Production Music site [PLAY AUDITION site, not the APM one] and the overall increasing offerings from the B&W TV days, on both APM AND PLAY, on the PLAY site, its newer CPM library..first 2, with cues by Philip Green, Emil Cadkin, Bill Loose & Jack Cookerly, all except for Mr.Cadkin a first.

Now it seems three more CD's, largely representing the composers listed in topic title, are added. Some glitches have been done recently with tracks on the first several, changed then not just restorations but happily more variatons on old cues used on Gumby and others [including a personal favorite currently, the 1960 B&W pre-E-Trade talking baby production "Happy",], but hardly ever on HB cartoons..

[And retitled as those interested and who know will expect.]

These three are mostly mid 60s with a number of short cues by P.Green from CARLIN CAR 404 CLASSIC CARTOON FUN!! repeated, and partly re-credited. [From cowriters with Green, "Ken Thorne and Geoff Love" to Loose-Cakdin with Green].

On CPM 5 [mostly Latin and spy stuff] many tracks midway do not play. Still much better than nothing [but NO, the Seely-Loose-David Rose tracks as so often recalled from Yogi,m Gumby, etc. still do not exist.]


Yowp said...

It seems your friends have picked up the North American rights to the OK Library that used material by Loose, Cadkin and Cookerly. I think those are the ones Clokey used. You can find them in the Hi-Q library.

Capitol also released the Loose-Cadkin cues under different titles in its Media Music series.

Errol said...

Yowp is right, Pokey. I down loaded the cues. A lot of transition cues used in " Ozzie & Harriet" , and some used by your creator in " Davy & Goliath ".There are about 16 of them.

Pokey said...

Yes, and a lot of variations of a lot of those..though there's those mid 60s Spanish & big city-type stuff.:-)
Erroll, I used to be able to download a lot of the older ones..and I STILL keep hoping for "CARLIN ARCHIVE SERIES" to have that CAS 30 CD still missing..

totalrod2 said...

Download it here:
I hope they continue to release more of that earlier Toboggan Run (or is that from another library?)

Errol said...

" Tobbagan Run " is from Jack Shaindlin. That was part of the Langlois/Cinemusic library.