Monday, February 22, 2010

BILL LOOSE: A legacy of music, delivered fresh or canned.

Ah..February 22. In the entertainment world, this is the anniverary of..
Sheldon Leonard [1907-1997]
Drew Barrymore [1975-]
Bill Loose [1910-1991]
Chuck Jones [1912-2002]

Here we deal with one Bill Loose, head stock composer of Capitol, who passed away 19 years ago in 1991 on this date. Born Detroit Michigan on June 5, in 1911 according to some references but in 1910 for others, and that's who I go by, he had the usual rise to prominence working in vairous 30s-40s orchestras. Around the bend of radio to television Mr.L apparently accepted a job at the British arm of the pioneering Sam Fox Library, whose music is controlled now by Carlin NY/UK and joined alliances with Oakland native JohN Seely, both of whom apparently contributed a lot of cues attributed to them, and many more just by Loose. For more, go here.

Capitol had started as detailed here two major early radio music libaries. The second of these was called MuTel [Music for Television], ergo TV HAD to have been a group of clients but what researcher Paul Mandell of New York says, far from it.[See last link above, repeated below.]

Around this time, John Serly had joined the Capitol staff and eventually lured Bill Loose at some point, and more outside music publishing and recording/releasing firms more and more grew, the Capitol distribution deals got made more, and the label created its third, and more importantly, first ORIGINAL music library, with complete date of Bill Loose's entry not exactly known, but it IS known that it's who Seely hired as major composer, and then other composers [George Hormel, Herschel Burke Gilbert, Spencer Moore, Emil Cadkin, etc.,etc.,etc., to cop a classic Yul Brynner musical quote] and the licensing of other libaries [both the Capitol, now called Hi-Q, and other labels like Omar and Langlois] took place and was soon finalized. For more got to same link as above.Loose died in 1991 on this date [February 22--btw Pebbles Flintstone was born on this date in 1963..too]

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