Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Gumby - Goo for Pokey 1967

Ignore the 1956 copyright, with all due respect to the owner. This came out in 1967. This is oen of those attempts to get me, Pokey in a spinoff. Goo has a freaking crush on me. She appears everywhere I go. Like Tex Avery's Droopy.Like very recently Emma Stone in "Ghosts of Girlfriends Past' 2009(in front of poor Matthew McConneaughy) (as Droopy himself would say..I do this all through the picture. Now they're in the high school stage more like the 1980s version, but it's the original with the original soundtrack.


New year's resolution..to put more as legally allowed y terms of service. All rights belong to Gumby owner Clokey and Kabillion,etc.


wileyk209 said...

This was the only time we've seen Goo and Pokey in school. Unlike Gumby's schools he has attended (elementary school in the 50s, and high school in the 80s) that have human teachers and students, at THIS school all the students and faculty are animals! Here it's probably a middle or high school.
I also recognized Norma MacMillan voicing the teacher.

Pokey said...

THanks for the comment, WIle. ALways glad to hear from you. Agreed that it'
s middle or high school..I recognized Norma McMillan as the teacher, a goat!