Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Produced, Written & Directed by

DAL McKENNON (onscreen it's spelled "McKINNON)


Probaly the earliest of the "third series" of Gumby and yours truly, his, uh, "little pony", introduced new musical elements including
background music formerly used in low-low budget producer Sam Singer's 1964 Sinbad cartoons and earlier ones, credited onscreen
to "Johnny Holliday" but both those and the Gumbys have Guenther Kauer, and Doug M.Lackey (the later 1970s "Wilderness Family"
series as well) credited on actual sites for these, ASCAP and BMI (ASCAP in this case).

Through my last six years of research (and this blog as well!) I found on APM.com as previously noted Hans Conzellmann and Delle/Gerhard
Haensch (Selected Sound, est.1960s) files that are the cues in a few of these ("All Broken Up" when the announcer announces Pricle's abstract modern
tune and "Rodeo king" when Pokey - me - prances to the TV to see his pony crush Buck Bronto) and later in "Ren and Stimpy" (though I've never heard them
in actual epsiodes that I recall..)

One cue, the whistle skipping tune ("A-DIDDLE-did-did-dee"), heard in Sam Singer's Sinbad sometimes, would generlaly wind up as background music, and in these early newer
Gumby's, this ("Crosses Delaware), "Pokey's price","Pilgrims on the Rocks", and "Son of Liberty", also served as theme songs (did any others use these and they were just shorn off the credits
in syndication?) Of course this slide whistl;e theme turned up as the opening theme to 1966-68 Gumby's.

It starts, anyway, at Gumby and Pokey's gumburger stand (as per Art Clokey's diet, ain't these vegan?:)) when a supposed "beatnik" who turns out to be a wandering Revutionary War
Minuteman crawling out of a nearby book is asking for food, resulting in the trio meeting George Washington, and having to trick the Hessians by going across the Delaware.

Pokey winds up getting one of Gumby's walkie-talkies (ya know, before cellphones were invented.:)) strapped around his little p;ony neeck to communicate but with those tricky
Hessians capturing him, communication WITHOUT self-EXPOSURE can be hard..fortauntely Pokey manages to talk into the camera and Geo.Wahsington and Gumby make it over.

During the famous crossing's Ice scene, there is (courtesy of Pokey) an "Uncle Tom" Little Liza reference ("Little Lzia Pokey"),

Gumby and Pokey can now escape to the future, to 1966, to their stand.

A very unqiue one that Clokey himself correctly described as one of his favorties. The Gumburger stand has very vague foods (sorta reminiscent of the 1959 part with Augie Doggie in "Pup Plays Pop" and a hamburger ish rutabaga sandwich).Was Clokey a vegetarian then,too or what ARE gumburgers made of..!

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