Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Prickle/ART CLOKEY (?)
Exec.Producer ART CLOKEY
Synopsis:Gumby's a computer whiz bang whose "wish granting" device gives more than the wishers (himself included) ever bargained for.
Sometimes, in the late 1960s many shows started becoming stale. Gumby may sometimes have been among them, but generally it still remained quite
surprsingly good and creative. This episode's no exception.
How many times have YOU heard that "if you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself".
Well, this almost touches on that. In a way.
Gumby has invented a "progessive type" computer with keyboard, which, when TYPED, can produce JUST the
right command. For instance. Vanilla milkshake? Gumby types and a distorted voice (kinda lika a Siri, Clokey-style, or a Scarlett Johanssen-less "Samantha" a la Spike Jonze's "Her") comes up to repeat it
and "ta-daaa" there it is! Rowboat? No problemo. Gumby types up the order (to coin a phrase-ahem) and it appears.
All on a special stage.
The story has all four of the late 60s/80s show principals, Gumby, Pokey, Goo and Prickle. First Gumby wants something, roast turkey, after which Pokey says, "Yum Yum"
Roast tukey appears. Nothing wrong here but Gumby decides to add something else, a PIANO
It shows up on the stage.
But then the piano comes to life itself, doing a dance.
Goo:"It's playing by ITSELF".
Prickle: "Huh. A SMART aleck PIANO" Next, please...Prickle comes up, places his order, for a train,and hey, hey, Gumby types
away.  The camera then cuts to a scene where the computer's got it down, reciting it. "Coming right up". The soundtracks play a few familiar 60s stock cues.The train starts taking off, so Gumby cancels/

Goo finally makes a wish,a kitty, which Gumby then types. Computer distorted voice: "One....kitty....meow...coming right up".
But the computer produces a roaring tiger, so Gumby then types in "Cage",("Cage" says the computer).

ThenPrickle suggests a robot, but no sooner does he get the order
repeated by his marvellous machine than the robot comes over and types
too much so that Gumby takes a sledgehammer and smashes BOTH the robot and the MACHINE..
The distorted sounding machine has a good final moment here:"Work work work work" as the robot types a ltitle too much
so that the room is almost magically crowded with unwanted stuff.

Pokey:"If you want something done RIGHT...
Prickle:"You gotta do it yourself".
The machine agrees.
This had some definite use of fade ins to depict the realising of the four friends wishes, which must have involved special matte-ing process over the stop motion.

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