Wednesday, July 17, 2013

"Son of Liberty"(1966)

Son of Liberty (1966)
Produced, directed, & written by
Production Supervision & Photography by
Voices by DAL McKINNN (sic)
Music by GENE KAUER & DOUG LACKEY (uncredited*)
Animation by J.DANFORTH,etc.
Produced in association with LAKESIDE TOYS
July 1966
During the mid 1960s the dawn of new Gumby episodes---a third series, was to be done. This would help get the franchise back
on track with MORE episodes, and even onscreen credits---as well as a visitor from a previous episode.
Gumby and Pokey--that's yours truly -play around outside an American History book in a toy store when some enemy soldiers come out and chase
G&P around. Gumby decides to get a cannon and then shoot them into the book. The soldiers come and in some panning shots chase Gumby acorss
the toystore. The crate-building Groobee from the 1961 episode must've really give a love-bite to the Neilsen folks and the executives in the television
programming departments and stations, for the giant helpful insect returns for the first of three times to build crates around the Revolutationary War enemy
soldiers. They then present the soldiers to the President! But then the cannon goes off chasing everyone off, and then the credits appear.
With this one the show would go back to new episodes through 1969. By this time the background music includes cues from Sam Singer's "Trans-Artists Productions"
Television" (as the company went under the name of on "Courageous Cat' from the much earlier nineteen-sixties on teleivision), and heard along the way in
producer Singer's "Sinbad"(and Salty). This includes the jaunty, catchy, slide flute cue that skips along as a theme for Gumby and plays during the credits. It would
then go on to be joined by director-animator Pete Kneinow's theme with lyhrics (the source of the title of this blog!-Kleinow had been with the Flying Burrito Borthers abnd.)

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Pokey said...

A few years ago Classic Media (bless them :)) released THE GUMBY ESSENTIALS, by NO means complete (and it also has the 80s episodes) but it has the fuller 50s episodes and the 60sa ones and ALL with the original can go to I only wish and hope for VOlume 2. The rights have been cleared....Steve