Thursday, April 1, 2010

Little Lost Pony/The Blockheads

Originally broadcast fall 1956
Produced, Written & Directed: Art Clokey
Gumby/His mother/RUTH EGGLESTON
Pokey/ALl others/ART CLOKEY

Music cues
[No Gumby open/close titles until 1962 reissues]

Open "Heading Home"/EMIL CADKIN & HARRY BLUESTONE [David Rose, re-arr.Cadkin-B'Stone]

Gumby watching TV Unknown tune & Composer

Gumby asking him mom he he can go out and being told yes, so long as he washes his hands, and doing both."Fashion Fox Trot 5-C-13"/BILL LOOSE [Bill Loose]

Running and getting dressed:Unknown xylophone/HENRY RUSSELL?

Playing with a blown up beach ball "Light Movement 3-ZR-47"/GEORDIE HORMEL [From the Zephyr Records Library][actual composer unknown]

Seeing the train and good old your truly for the first time "[CB-??]Passing Train"/HARRY BLUESTONE [From the old C&B/Musi-Que Home Movie firm/Diane Music] [Bluestone-Cadkin]

G&P intro'ing themselvesd to each other Unknown Western cowboy cue and composer

Blockheads making their not so grand entry... "Comedy Underscore 4-ZR-78"/SPENCER MOORE & GEORDIE HORMEL [from the old Zephyr Records professiional service; actual composer not certain]

Gumby entering the west Reprise of "Heading Home"/BLUESTONE & CADKIN

1957-58 Blockhead Title open Unknown cue and composer

Gumby and Pokey going into the book [reused footage in reisued shorter "separate short" "The Block-Heads"] "Last Chance Saloon PG-296"/PHIL GREEN [imported from EMI][Phil Green]

Blockheads sneaking into book "Animation Comedy 4-L-80"/SPENCER MOORE [Zephyr, actual writer unknown]

Gumby and Pokey going into Saloon but Gumby having trouble going into it due to doors playing tricks with him "Last Chance Saloon PG-296"/GREEN

Pokey asking Gumby what he's having, Gumby telling him, the
Blockheads sneaking up to slip ice cream in his shake "Comedy Underscore 4-L-80"/S.

Blockheads pulling Pokey outside, Pokey whinnies like REAL horse and to end Unknown dramatic sounding cue with composer not known

PLOT: (drumroll puh-lease) Heh-ere'''s John-I mean POKEY (I take a bow). And the Blockheads.

This was me--the little ole blogmaster me-Pokey--the orange horse of this blog's---first appearance. Originally on the old Howdy Doody show, it was divided into the shorter "Little Lost Pony" and "Blockheads", showing that a) episodes here got divided oddly, b) Gumby likes HIS milkshakes ICE CREAMLESS, c) Western bar doors play some pretty odd tricks and d) Boys loves equines as much as chicks do, well, almost as once. And YES, Gumby is a BOY....

Starting with Gumby listening to what sounds like an old newsreel OR radio clip theme, Gumby's mom has Gumby turning the TV down.; Gumby with his mother Gumba's blessing goes outside, playing wiht a ball and showing how differently shaped he can be. Then he hears Pokey for the first time, on a railroad track. Gumby thinks of saving him. SO do the first time as well villianous BLOCKHEADS, men of little words [make that NO words], to save him for THEMSELVES--for the ICE cream cones that Farmer Glenn the owner of [guess who--has 4 legs and is orange]. Pokey says his name..Pokey [rhymes wiht creator Art CLOKEY, who does the voice here], get it? Gumby sure does. But when HE introduces HIM-self - Pokey also laughs, but both in fun with each other. The blockheads try to get the two, now in WESTERN STORIES, a book they all go into time and again.

Now, the good farmer gives a reward to Gumbyu--many ice cream cones, but Gumby's his "Gumbomoter" shows [circurlas top. Window to show revolving "gauge"].

Going to a Western Saloon, the guys get separated from each other as Gumby's divided over how to get in, thanks to saloon doors that try to split him and himself up, making him beisde himself, but the sides do mend, as he requests a milkshake and to keep warm--WITHOUT ICE CREAM!!! The Blockheads at the last moment slip some in [reaching thru the bar] and do what even the swinging saloon doors seen a few gags ago cannot do--split up Gumby and Pokey by kidnapping the "prize pony", who lets out a real sounding whinnying as unidentifiable dramatic music [probaly by Phil Green or Bill Loose?]

Pulling Pokey along and almost to the end of his life within his DEBUT, the Blockheads, showing their creds as to their moniker, make all seem hopeless until Gumby managaes to save the day by cutting the rope and causes the Blockheads to slide out of the book WESTERN STORIES [though not forever].

The episode part "Blockheads" is no way to be confused with the Laurel and Hardy episode of the same name. Pokey and Gumby talk much slower than usual, since this is an early episode. Excellent Western Music, some of it on this page

The Blockheads might have been only temporarily finished, but Gumby and Pokey's successful heroic duty and successes were just starting.
Yep, that's me.


Errol said...

Even though this is a " Gumby " page, I have to admit, when " Blockheads " was mentioned, I did think of Stan and Ollie.
Stan: Ollie, remember how dumb I used to be?
Ollie: yes
Stan: Well, I'm better, now.
Great to see a new post.

E. said...

The cue that plays when Gumby watches TV is "Ruthless Pursuit 3" by Harry Bluestone/Emil Cadkin.