Sunday, May 17, 2009

Oh, and some recomended sites

ADDED on MAY 21,2009
"Katya" has a actual "production music" file from the old F.W.Woolworth company, and KMart and Green Dolllar/Dollar Treee/99 cent store prototype, S.S.Kregse, of production music made by SPECIAL RECORDINGS just for the store itself. Sounds an awful lot like the Bill Loose-Jack Cookerly stuff, but no credit on either the site OR the record label is GIVEN! Navigated there
from Baikinange's site [see URL below.]. Highyl reccomnded, but no non-e-mail feedback, though..

UPDATE: I checked, and TRACK 6 on that KRESGE shopping LP is also on the MP3 of the file that Bryan Lord had---"Life in the 1940s"------and by an immortal soul,too, a rather{!!!] known name..ROBERT FARNON!!!! It's "Seventh Heaven"---NO....Ashlee Simpson and Jessica Biel [not to be confused with jessica Simpson now, or Richard Belas, aka Gumby] fans, not the TV show but a ROBERT FARNON shows up again, on Track six, final track on side 1 [rememebr that arrangement, folks?? not to be confused with ffolke? six 3 and a half minute or so tracks on one side, six on the other side.]

ANYWAY, Track 6 is a pre-existed cue, Robert Farnon's "7th Heaven", and again not that TV show title. Dennis and David are, respectively his brother and son..[who seems to have a cue on the 1968 "Gumby" short "Shady Leomande" when Gumby, your truly, Prickle and Goo are hoodwinked by "that nasty soda jerk"...anyway, even though Robert's piece isn't to my knowledge on Gumby or many popular franchises, it's familair from some, and from ads..AND I wonder how much cue music used on Gumby turned up on those...many dept.and dime stores and grocery stores seemed to have these. We clay and flehs and blood types should only use so much more of that in our stores.....

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